Top 5 Tuesday – Jenn’s Favorite Authors

Hey guys, this Tuesday  I wanted to create a Top 5 Tuesday. This week I’m going to be talking about my favorite authors at the moment. The list is of authors that I will read anything they write. Seriously anything. Since there are only five spots obviously a lot of authors will be left out. Here are my (current) top five favorite authors:

  1. Sarah J. Maas:
    • How could she not be on this list? Maas build worlds that are all encompassing and intriguing. She adds layers upon layers to the history and the characters. She is great at building characters that are unique. They don’t feel like carbon copies of someone else. They are not always nice and they’re not always charming. But, that’s what makes me like them even more. Maas is an amazing author and I will continue to read anything she puts out.
  2. Pierce Brown:
    • I mean the Red Rising trilogy is one of my favorite series of all time. Brown is meticulous. Everything happens for a reason. Everything that his characters do or say give more insight to the kind of person they are. There’s no extraneous writing. Brown’s plot points are poignant and work to move the story along all the while tricking you into a false sense of security. Anything can happen and that makes the stakes even higher throughout the books.
  3. Maggie Stiefvater:
    • I am obsessed. I was introduced to Stiefvater through her book The Scorpio Races. As soon as  I read it I was hooked. I am now in the middle of the Raven Cycle and I can’t get enough. My favorite thing about Stiefvater’s books are her characters. They’re funny and charming all the while having a little dirt on them. None of them are perfect. They all have dark shadows. This is what makes them more exciting to read about. They are characters who can be expected to make mistakes. They may handle things poorly. None of them are exempt from having to make difficult decisions. But they do it with such charm that you can’t help but like them. Often times authors will give us characters who have the wittiest of banter but no motivation behind it. Stiefvater’s characters all have their own sense of humor which reflects who they are and where they’ve been. Their scratches in their armor are revealed to us through their interactions with one another.
  4. Rainbow Rowell:
    • If I’m looking for a fun, quick, cute read I pick up a Rainbow Rowell book. They always put me into a better mood and leave me wanting more. She’s not afraid to try new things and make new characters. Often, in YA contemporary especially, we get carbon copies of characters. Rowell breaks that mold and truly cultivates new and refreshing character with each book.
  5. Jenny Han:
    • Jenny Han is another author who just gets it. She understands the importance of relationship building and the folly that is instalove. I love the awkward building of a relationship. I like the in between moments where characters are just realizing that they may like one another. I think those moments are the most charming and Jenny Han just does them perfectly. I’m not in like with Han’s books. I’m in love with them.

4 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday – Jenn’s Favorite Authors

  1. I really like Pierce Brown. I’m looking forward to what he’ll do next-he’s set the bar pretty high.
    I’ve been meaning to try Rainbow Rowell. I almost purchased one in the bargain section, but I had so many already.

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    1. Yeah I am very anxiously anticipating his next book! You should definitely give Rowell a go. They are quick and easy but super enjoyable at the same time. Perfect remedy for a reading slump!

      – Jenn

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