Jenn vs. Series

So, soon you’ll learn how terrible I am at finishing series. I am the worst. I will have the final book in a series sitting on my shelf for months to years and still never finish it. This inability to finish series I’ve started is not limited to books. Oh no, I can’t even count the number of TV shows I have yet to finish despite their finales airing. (Eden reminds me of this fact on a daily basis)

I want to change this. This week I’m making a list of the book series I need to finish. I hope to keep updating this throughout the year until they are all checked off the list. I’m now going to be held accountable for my failure to finish. Accountable to myself and accountable to you. So, make sure to comment on this post just to remind me of this goal. I may need the encouragement.

Series I need to finish:

  1. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
  2. Bloodlines
  3. 5th Wave
  4. The Raven’s Cycle
  5. Mistborn
  6. Graceling


What series have you been putting off finishing? Is there a series you just can’t wait to finish? Let me know below.




14 thoughts on “Jenn vs. Series

  1. That’s not even so bad. I needed two (long) posts to cover this topic. And I didn’t even include all the series I’ve started but I’m not really into anymore. Also, since my last post, I think I’ve started two more series. I’ll have to post an update soon. So you can feel better about yourself for not being quite as big a disaster as I am.


    1. That makes me feel a bit better. However, this is only including series that all books are published and ones that I own all of the books. If I included all series I haven’t finished in general it would be a lot longer. Haha. 🙊 Glad to know I’m not the only one!

      – Jenn

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      1. Okay, I also included series that are not necessarily finished, but that I haven’t read all the books that are currently out. Honestly, I’m a bit afraid of looking very closely into how many series I’ve started and not finished. I think it would go over 50.

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  2. I want to finish the Lightbringer series but have literally three reading lists to complete before I get around to it haha. I also didn’t realize the plural of series is series. Much better than serieses. Sounds less like Gollum.


  3. Ok, so I have a bad habit of reading all the books but the last book in a series. I often even own the last book. I just can’t bring myself to finish the series and leave the world. What if the last book ends on a bad note? Would it ruin the whole series for me? These are the type of questions that leave the last book unread. I like the possibilities of happier endings.

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  4. The thing is with Mistborn is that its not technically finished…. its in its second arc sure… but not ACTUALLY completed 😂 the first arc and hero of ages is superb tho!


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