Playlist – A Study in Charlotte

Among Caitlynn, Jenn and I, I am the only one that really prefers to listen to music while they read.

Jenn says it’s too hard to concentrate on reading when someone is singing in her head and Caitlynn just prefers the silence.

I need the noise to concentrate.

It’s something I’ve picked up over the last few years. I just stuff some earbuds in my ears and dive into a book.

It can be really surreal when you have the right playlist. With no outside distraction, just music bouncing around my head and pages under my fingers, it’s the only way I really read at this point. Honestly, I think I hold such a high opinion of some books because the playlists that I pair with them.

So, today, I’m posting my playlist for A Study in Charlotte — which, heads up, won’t be reviewed until Saturday’s discussion post.



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