All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven – A Book Review

“It’s a book for people with friends with mental illnesses.”


Ok, to be fair I read this book post-ACOMAF and honestly I feel bad for any book that has to follow that beauty of a novel. I truly enjoy real-life issue books, but I think at this point maybe I prefer adult contemporaries to young adult/teen contemporaries… I agree with so many other book reviewers about the fact that this book was really well written and all that great literature stuff, but (a big but) handles mental illnesses very poorly.

Spoilers ahead.

So I changed the quote at the beginning of this review to make it less spoiler-y, the original quote (found in the book review here) is “This is not a book for people with depression. . . It’s a book for people with friends who commit suicide.”

I went into this book honestly not knowing much about it besides the fact that the Goodreads reviews of the book were very 50/50. I took a shot since I grabbed this book in hardcover brand new for only $7… I dove right on in not knowing much about the book. Poor choice on my part because it was not the Bloody Mary that I needed for the worst book hangover I’ve ever had.

I’ve tried writing this review many times, erasing most of those thoughts because it seems like all my thoughts on this book just run together and cannot be put together in a cohesive manner, but here it goes. This book isn’t one that glorifies suicide by any means, but it might as well have to people with any mental illness. While I’m not expecting a happy-go-lucky book where the characters can talk each other out of their illnesses but I definitely wasn’t expecting the suicide of the main character. The whole book just seemed off to me, I just could not become connected to the characters. I still feel like I can’t quite put my finger on what bugged me the most about this book. I believe it all goes back to the quote… this isn’t a book for people with mental illnesses, it’s a book for people with friends with mental illnesses.

Ultimately, I’m not saying not to read this book by any means, it just wasn’t for me at all.

Two Stars


3 thoughts on “All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven – A Book Review

  1. For whatever reason this book has never appealed to me, though I’ve heard a lot of great things. I can see this not being the best choice to follow a fantasy/romance book hangover, hahahaha. Damn those book hangovers! They make every book that follows pale in comparison!

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