Bookish Road Trip – Books on Bay Savannah, Ga. 


Yesterday I started my annual summer road trip. This year we are traveling up the East coast and then over into the mountains. I have made it my goal to visit as many independently owned bookstores as possible.


Our first stop on our road trip is Savannah, Georgia. Our first day in town I discovered Books on Bay at the riverfront in the historic district.

This adorable vintage shop is located on the second floor of a beautiful brick building. It is nestled into a spot between restaurants, vintage shops, and art galleries.


Books on Bay is definitely a unique shopping experience. It is like stepping into a piece of history. This store specializes in collectable books. There are a wide range of books including first editions and gorgeous leather-bound books.


However, the most striking part of Books on Bay, for myself at least, was their collection of series. They have the largest collections of vintage series I have ever seen. Some of the series include Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, and The Dana Girls to name a few. Not only are their series expansive the store offers a unique tool. Next to the series they have pamphlets that are checklists for the series. This is a perfect deal for a collector.


Books on Bay is definitely a store you must experience when you are in Savannah. Though it is very different from the bookstores I typically frequent I am so glad I discovered this gem. Be sure to check out their Facebook page and website below.

Website: Books on Bay       Facebook: Books on Bay
224 W Bay St, Lowr Savannah, GA
(912) 236-7115


9 thoughts on “Bookish Road Trip – Books on Bay Savannah, Ga. 

  1. This is such an awesome column! I love independent bookstores because they foster and say so much about a community! I always like to visit bookish places like this when I go out and I have never been to Georgia. Thanks for putting it on my radar!

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    1. I’m glad this has been so well received! I’m excited to continue this series with more local stores. After all it is just another excuse for me to buy books and support local business owners.


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