Forgive me, for this is my first Shelfie Sunday tag and I have to admit I’m procrastinating like none other to build my other much needed bookcase! Jenn and I also had a picture weekend last weekend so none of my books have any order to them whatsoever…

I’m having a hard time deciding between a wonderfully cluttered bookcase or a sleek clean bookcase for the style that I want to go for ultimately, so it’s kinda somewhere in between right now…


Also, my recent book haul from Barnes & Noble really makes me happy! I intended on buying the rest of our book club books for August and there was another 2 for $20 sale and I just can’t pass one of those up!


Of my book haul I think I’m most excited for And I Darken by  Kiersten White, I have heard so many awesome things about it! I definitely bought the beautiful Rebel of the Sands as a cover buy, because how can you not? The Unexpected Everything because I needed some more standalone books to read. The rest of the books are our book club reads!

So obviously, I need some help organizing my shelves once I get my other bookcase up! What are some ways that you organize your book shelves? Let me know!!


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