Bookish Road Trip – Charleston, SC

Well guys it’s time for another bookish road trip post. This stop was Charleston, SC. In the heart of this historic city sits a wonderful bookstore by the name of  Blue Bicycle Books.


This is the store behind YALLFest in Charleston. I was super excited to get to check it out. This shop was sleek and beautifully organized. It had the charm and appeal of a local independent bookstore. However, it also had the organization and ease of a chain store. Finding books in this shop was a breeze.

As I walked into Blue Bicycle I was struck by the promotion given to local authors. There were two walls devoted to local authors. You can tell this store really wants to help the area and I thought this was an amazing feature.


There were also individual rooms devoted to different genres. The rooms were filled with books of varying type. They had books that were brand new hardbacks, used, signed, first editions, and even books that are now out of print.


I spent most of my time in the Children/YA room. I was able to pick up two Ryan Graudin books that were signed. I had no idea that Graudin was from Charleston so she also counted as a local author!


To put it simply, I fell in love with Blue Bicycle Books. I cannot wait to visit Charleston again during Yallfest. Visiting this store made me that much more excited about the event!


6 thoughts on “Bookish Road Trip – Charleston, SC

    1. I know aren’t they? I actually have read Wolf by Wolf before and absolutely loved it! I can’t wait until the sequel comes out for it. So, I have high hopes for the rest of her writing as well.

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