So, a lot has changed since my last #shelfiesunday (here) so I figured I would give you guys an updated Shelfie post!


Let’s begin with the fact that I added another bookcase to my library (YAY!) so I have much more space, but a horrendous amount of white space. This in turn makes me buy more books to fill up the white space, in turn making me spend much more money… life of a book lover… sigh.

My rainbow definitely is no where near perfect, but I love it nonetheless. I have a feeling I am going to end up with a Maas shelf all for herself since I plan on ordering the UK paperbacks of the Throne of Glass series, they are just so beautiful I can’t not get them!

I’m continually adding to my Harry Potter shelf as we speak and received some awesome swag from the HP Cursed Child Release Party from our local Barnes & Noble that I have yet to add to my shelf.

Some notable adds to the bookcase include: A signed copy of And I Darken (thanks Target) and the one I’m most excited about that I purchased just yesterday, a signed copy of A Court of Mist and Fury! You can bet I squealed like a little girl when I saw it at the Books-A-Million that I was at!

I am so in love with my cozy little library and so excited to see where it is going, I will make sure to keep everyone posted throughout the renovations and progress of the library!

Send me links to your #shelfie I love looking at bookcases!!!


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