Top Five Friday

It’s another day and I seem to find myself admitting that I haven’t caught up on my TBR yet.

Fair warning. I’m planning on spending the weekend reading pretty heavily so I can finally get some more reviews up next week. I hate feeling like such a slacker and it’s not fair to you guys.

So I promise, next Wednesday you will get a review from me.

Now for my Top Five Friday.

Top Five Favorite Characters:

5. Delilah Bard – A Darker Shade of Magic

  • Lila is such a beautiful and wonderful character. I love her snark and obsession with traveling the world. She’s not just some damsel in distress. Lila is all about making sure she’s her own woman. She’s a strong independent woman who don’t need a man.

4. Jesper Fahey – Six of Crows

  • One of few characters I could genuinely see myself becoming best friends with if he was actually a real living breathing person. I love his ambiguous sexuality and one liners. But I especailly love how flawed he is and how Kaz continues to love and trust him regardless of that.

3. Blue Sargent – The Raven Boys series

  • Blue Sargent gets all the best lines throughout The Raven Boys series. No joke I would read her dialogue and find myself laughing at some of the things she said. She has a really great dry humor that I love and Stiefvater just gets it.

2. Lada Dragwlya- And I Darken

  • She is a badass that isn’t afraid to kill people to protect herself and the ones she loves. The irony of Lada is that as much as she tries to harden herself and not love the people in her life the more she has to lose. Either she can love them and lose them to her enemies. Or force herself to leave them and lose them to her own fear. I love it.

1. Rhys – A Court of Mist and Fury

  • There is no other person that could take this spot. Rhys is everything I need in a character. He’s intelligent, funny, interesting and vulnerable. The first glimpse we got of him and A Court of Thorns and Roses piqued my interest. It wasn’t until A Court of Mist and Fury that I realized just how beautiful of a character he was. He’s just so well written.

What do you guys think? Anyone on here that you love? Feel free to share your top five with me! 


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