Mini-Review – Furthermore Sneak Peek from Net Galley


So Jenn told Eden and I about this awesome site called Net Galley while we were doing our weekly discussion on When We Collided and being new to the book blogging community I had no idea about the site! I went ahead and created an account and got started immediately looking for some interesting ARCs to read. I ran across a sneak peek of Furthermore and now we are here today!

I am super excited to get Furthermore on the 30th and I knew nothing about the book (more often than not I go in completely oblivious to what the book is about) so I was excited to see what everyone was talking about with this book.

To be honest, I was expecting a more middle-grade read when reading this book, but it felt like such a great book for middle-grade, as well as young adults. Mafi just has that sort of magic about her and it is so exciting to witness.

Scroll below to see my full mini-review of the sneak peek for Furthermore!


Where to begin with this sneak peek… Mafi is just a genius… I truly enjoyed reading about everything in the book. I really enjoy the point of view and including the reader in the novel. It really made the whole story seem so much more personal to me. This book is so intriguing by how different it is than anything out there right now. Mafi definitely took a chance with this book and I have a really great feeling about how it is going to turn out. Alice is such a relatable character and is such an awesome protagonist for people of all ages to read about. This sneak peek was absolutely perfect and ended at a perfect spot, it definitely makes me happy that the release day is only 9 days away!

This is such a beautiful world and I am so excited to finish this book and can’t wait to see where Alice’s journey continues to take us. I’m excited to see more of this crazy, bizarre, awesome world and add another awesome character to my growing list of literary bffs!


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