The Merciless I & II by Danielle Vega – A Spoiler-Free Book Review

Alright, so these books do not look like much of anything else that is on the YA shelves currently. I was excited when I found both of them on sale at a book store and was excited to see what Vega had to offer the YA Horror genre.

The books are both pretty quick reads, they were pretty easy to finish in one sitting. I learned pretty quickly that I made a terrible mistake reading through the whole first book on a night when my SO was out of town and I was in the house all by myself…

The Merciless is definitely a good fall read (hey! seasonal reading making it’s way into my life) and perfect for around Halloween time. Vega does great at introducing a diverse character cast in the books, the main character Sofia is of Mexican heritage and it shows in some key parts of the book. I’m all for #diversityinbooks!

Like I said these books were all pretty quick reads and I think Vega did a great job of introducing just the right number of characters and settings to the story without forcing extra information into our brains. Throughout the books I felt like I could really understand Sofia and her struggles which I think was the great aspect of Vega’s series.

Another great thing that Vega did for me was the constant surprise. I mean, I know, *surprise* the most gullible reader is surprised by something that happens! I still feel like even if Eden or Jenn read this series there would be parts that they would even be surprised by.

While doing a quick Google search on the books I saw an article stating that the Pretty Little Liars creator is going to be adapting these books into a film and I’m pretty excited to see how that goes! It would definitely be an interesting take on the books!

All in all, I really did enjoy these two books. They are great quick reads if you are looking for a little exorcism action to add into your daily reads.

Originally, I gave both of these books 3.5/5 stars and can’t figure out why I didn’t bump it up to 4/5 stars…


3 thoughts on “The Merciless I & II by Danielle Vega – A Spoiler-Free Book Review

  1. I’ve been eyeing these books on and off for weeks and I still haven’t decided whether I want to read them >.<; And hopefully if they make it into a tv show, they don't drag it out too much. That was my problem with Pretty Little Liars, I really enjoyed it at first until they draaaaged it out so much I got tired of it :/

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    1. Haha, I’m sure my review didn’t help too much on that decision! If it helps, I definitely didn’t feel like I wasted time reading them, they were worth the read for sure! Also, they are good fall/Halloween reads!

      Good luck
      – Caitlynn


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