Uppercase Unboxing

This month marks the first month that I’ve gotten a book box and I’ve got to say: I will never get over how awesome book mail is.

I did both Uppercase and Owlcrate because I wasn’t entirely sure which subscription service I would prefer, but honestly, I think I’m going to continue with both of them because they each have their own appeal.

I suggest if you haven’t already signed up for a book box and you’re on the fence about which company to go with that Uppercase is a great option. It’s only $23 a month and you’re getting a signed copy of a book every month.

To start off, with Uppercase the typical book box consists of a signed book and two or three bookish items.

This month I received The Forgetting by Sharon Cameron.


I’m really excited to read this book. This was a book that I’d seen around on Goodreads but hadn’t heard much about and therefore I probably wouldn’t have picked it up on my own if I hadn’t gotten it through Uppercase (though the cover is beautiful so I likely would have seen it and bought it specifically for the cover). It’s been a while since I read a novel centered in a true dystopian so I’m interested in seeing how it works and if that’s something that I’m still into after reading so much fantasy throughout the last year.

Also, it sounds like it’s going to pull me all over the place as it is about people trying to determine if the things they are reading about their lives are actually reality which just sounds absolutely insane.

With my book I received a certified book addict sticker, which is beautiful, and a pocket notebook to pair with my book.

Also I got an awesome pouch from Out Of Print. It’s the second time I’ve received something from Out Of Print and I’m yet to be disappointed.

With all of that said, I think Uppercase did an awesome job this month. I know that the last two boxes had the exact same book as Owlcrate and I was really concerned that would be the issue this month, but I was happy to find it wasn’t the case.

Tell me what you guys think. What is your go to subscription box?


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