Thrice Read Expansion

I want to start this blog post out by thanking all of our amazing followers on here as well as our other platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. When we started this journey, we never expected to meet so many amazing, sweet individuals as we have in the book-world!

With that being said as we are sitting here planning our first convention (Y’allfest 2016!) we decided to go ahead and make the jump to purchase the domain and make it official! There are so many exciting things that we are working on to better our work that we can’t wait to share with you guys!

Honestly, we wouldn’t have felt comfortable expanding our blog this much if it wasn’t for you guys, our followers and readers! We have never felt anything but kindness and acceptance from the book world and hope to continue our journey for many more years!

Thanks for all that you guys do and help with!

Keep an eye out for our future updates!

Is there something that you guys would like to see us do in the near future? We would love to hear any suggestions that you guys might have or something that you would like to see us do, leave us a comment below and let us know!

-Thrice Read


2 thoughts on “Thrice Read Expansion

  1. It’s sad to hear that there are people actively expressing their own condescension towards the YA genre and I completely agree with you that people in the book community shouldn’t bring each other down. But then again, I can understand both perspectives. I actually agree with the booktuber to an extent- I only read YA when I feel like giving my brain a break because the plots are usually fast paced and the outcomes satisfying. Characters fight their fears, overcome challenges and fall in love in a way that keeps the pages turning, usually with some supernatural twist to pique our imagination. A lot of this makes me feel that YA is an immediate fix to leave a reader happy.

    The reason this doesn’t bother me is because the conflict is almost exactly the same with regard to Hollywood and independent film makers. A lot of film buffs think that Hollywood films are terrible for the same reasons: they give viewers what they want, they are thinking about how to keep viewers excited and engaged for an hour and a half without challenging them artistically. But let’s be honest, we all bloody loved The Avengers.

    And I personally don’t really like independent film because I like to be entertained by what I watch, not left feeling depressed, bored or confused. And therefore I completely understand that people feel that way about books as well, despite my opinion.

    Sorry to have wittered on!! Above all, there is no benefit to ridiculing other people’s reading choice (or film choice, for that matter) and I think you were right to defend it.


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