Dark Fantasy Panel – YALLfest

The Dark Fantasy panel was the panel Eden was most excited for.

As we all know, Eden loves fantasy and the darker it is the more she loves it.

When we saw the line up for the panel — Sabaa Tahir, Maggie Stiefvater, Kendare Blake, Jay Kristoff and Jonathan Stroud — there was no doubt we were going.


This panel delved into death scenes, antiheroes and the overall method to the madness.

It was a nice peak into the mind of Stiefvater, Kristoff and Tahir, who all said they often laugh while writing the death scenes of many of our favorite characters.

“I just kill whoever needs killin’,” – Kendare Blake

Then came the topic of the likability of female characters. This was a topic that made the three of us sit up and really take note.

The moderator, Aprilynne Pike, mentioned her newest book and how much editing she had to do to make her own main character — which is an antihero — a character fans would be willing to back.

Blake, who was easily the quietest speaker on the panel, immediately mentioned her dislike in societies idea of an antihero female.

“Why as a society do we hate female curmudgeons but love (characters) like Dr. House?” – Kendare Blake

It was Kristoff who mentioned that he refused to soften his main character in Nevernight and has yet to get backlash for how severe she is.

“She has sex, does drugs, drinks, kills. Overall she’s just a really rounded out person, but she is by no means a good person.” – Jay Kristoff



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