Invented Worlds Panel – YALLfest

Goodness. It’s been a crazy weekend!

We got to meet so many incredible people and even some of you guys! It was honestly probably the craziest 48 hours we’ve experienced in a long time.

Originally we were going to post one big wrap up on the panels/signings we went to but later decided that it would probably be much more satisfying if we did a post per panel, so prepare yourselves. It was a long day.

The first panel we attended was the Invented Worlds panel with V.E. Schwab, Maggie Stiefvater, Sharon Cameron, Lance Rubin and Daniel Older.

It was a perfect first panel.

Schwab continued to impart words of wisdom that only she could give and Stiefvater was hilarious and insightful. Rubin and Older were two authors that were new to us, but since listening to them talk about their books we’re looking forward to reading Denton Little’s Death Date by Rubin and Shadow Shaper by Older. Cameron, who wrote the recently-released The Forgetting, is someone the three of us have been working to read since Eden received her book in her September Uppercase.

One of the gems from this panel came after Rubin and Stiefvater said they didn’t believe anyone was born with a pen in their hand, to which Schwab quipped, “I wasn’t born with a pen in my hand, but I was born with a God complex.”

It was everything.

Stiefvater was exactly who we all know her to be: candid, upfront and completely unapologetic.

So, Ronan.

I think what we gained most from the panel was new authors with different stories. Yes, we were intrigued by the invented worlds and the way they are created, but even more, we were looking for more authors with great stories and we seemed to have found it.


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