Cupcakes & Competition! Event

Towards the end of our day on Saturday at YALLFest we decided to forgo the author signings in exchange for the Cupcakes & Competition event that was hosted by Riveted Lit and we sure did make the right choice.

The awesome authors that were included in this event were Jenny Han, Brendan Kiely, Jason Reynolds, Scott Westerfeld and Suzanne Young.

Upon arriving, we were graced with delicious cupcakes from Sugar Bakeshop and hot coffee from Panera Bread (thank goodness for hot coffee cause it was a chilly day).

This event was amazing because it was a chance for the audience members to place their names in the “Gauntlet” to be chosen to be on one of the authors teams for trivia questions. It was a win-win if you were chosen to participate because the winners of each round received a Riveted tote full of signed books from each of the authors at the event and if you lost your round you were still given a choice between two exclusive ARCs that weren’t available anywhere else during YALLFest.

The authors participating in this event were perfect, Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely, co-authors of the book All American Boys, participated and were all laughs when claiming each other’s team to be cheating during each round. Scott Westerfeld and Jenny Han were both brilliant with multiple wins between their teams. Suzanne Young was able to play one round with us and she was hilarious as well. As you can see, these authors made for an awesome time for us readers to enjoy. 

The icing on the cake (ha, get it! cause it’s a cupcake event) of this event was that one of our very own, Caitlynn was chosen to participate in the final round of the competition on Scott Westerfeld’s team. This round included YA Classic Contemporary trivia. Unfortunately, we didn’t win the round but we still left with an ARC of When Dimple met Rishi by Sandhya Menon and we are super excited to read and review this ARC so keep an eye out for that post!

Overall, this whole event was an amazing experience and we had so much fun! What have you guys thought about our journey so far?


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