Days of the Week Book Tag

What a crazy month November has been! I haven’t had time to get anything done this month it feels like but it’s been all due to fun events!

Found on adventuresbetweenpages

Make-out Monday: Fictional Character you would love to make-out with:

This is a weird question… I would have to say any of Aelin’s main men… Just all of those guys were hot stuff.

Turkey Tuesday: Favorite seasonal read during the fall/winter seasons:

I don’t usually read certain books during certain times of the year.

Wacky Family Wednesday: A book/series that has a wacky (dysfunctional) family:

The Raven Cycle. I definitely wouldn’t call Blue’s family dysfunctional, but definitely wacky! I would love to spend a day with that family!

Thankful Thursday: An Author you are thankful for:

Sarah J. Maas. Honestly, when Eden recommended the Throne of Glass books to me I never ever would have picked them up based on the synopsis because I hadn’t really tried any high-fantasy books before. So thank you Maas for ruining my life!

Fun Fact Friday: Your favorite book plus a fun fact about you:

My favorite book is A Court of Mist and Fury. The fun fact about me is what has taken me the longest to figure out what to put than any of these other questions… one fact about me is that I am preparing for a career-change currently to become a middle school math teacher for the 2017-2018 school year!

Shut the Front Door Saturday: A book that made your jaw hit the floor. You didn’t see that plot/twist coming:

Well since this is many books for me… I’m going to go with It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover, I went into that book without any expectations (except with the misconception that Hoover only wrote Romantic books) so that book thoroughly threw me through a loop!

Sci-Fi Sunday: Favorite sci-fi book/series:

Red Rising is probably still my numero uno sci-fi series!

So like usual, this book tag turned out to be another Sarah J. Maas shrine, but it’s so hard when the questions just lead straight towards Maas!

I want to know one fun fact about our readers! Leave a comment and let us know a fact!


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