The Gilmore Girls Tag

Eden and I just watched the first part of the newly revived Gilmore Girls. Winter was not quite what we had hoped for. However, I am hopeful that the rest of the seasons may fulfill all of my nostalgic needs. So, in honor of the series now available on Netflix I decided to do the Gilmore Girls tag.

Found on SarahinZombieland

Lorelai-A character with a witty or sarcastic sense of humor :

Will Herondale from The Infernal Devices series immediately came to mind. His witty remarks truly made that series what it was.

Rory – Your favorite classic :

For a newer classic I would say To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. For an older classic I would have to say Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I hope to reread both of these books again sometime soon.

Luke – A book you secretly love, but are afraid to admit :

I’m pretty open about my love for good books. I will say a book that is not as expected might be The Face on the Milk Carton  series by Caroline B. Cooney.

Lane – A musical character :

August Flynn in This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab. Yes, this is a bit of a dark answers. But, I just loved this book so much.

Dean- Your first book love (character or book you first loved!)

I started reading from an early age. However, no book series made quite the impression Harry Potter did. I read it in 2nd grade and it totally changed my life as a reader.

Jess- A book you love, that gets the most hate.

Chaol Westfall. I just cannot help but love him. I know most people aren’t big fans of his. However, I really love him.

Sooki – A book you’ve devoured :

Most recently this would be The Walled City by Ryan Graudin. I flew through this book and really loved it.

Miss Patty – A book that was ruined by the hype :

The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy Mead’s writing. This book just had so much hype and it fell flat for me. It wasn’t what I expected nor what I wanted.

Emily Gilmore – expensive book :

Honestly, most of my books aren’t super expensive. This would probably be a 3 way tie between my illustrated Harry Potter books and my collector’s edition of To Kill a Mockingbird but it’s nothing really crazy.

What did you think of Winter? Have you watched the entire season yet?


3 thoughts on “The Gilmore Girls Tag

  1. I 100000% am in love with Chaol Westfall and it just hurts seeing how much hate he gets😔 I can’t wait to try this tag I’m in the midst of season 3 so I won’t be getting to the revival episodes for a while hehehe


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