I have been out of town (about 1,161 miles away from home to be exact!) so I did not get a chance to finish our discussion book for this week Heartless by Marissa Meyer, so instead I wanted to make a post dedicated to my short journey of library building in my new home.

So much has happened since April 2016, I bought my first home and finally had the room to have a library of my very own. Up until this point I was living on the 3rd floor of an apartment building with no elevator, so there was no way I would have bought and collected the books the way that I am now. So I began this journey basically from scratch, minus a few classics like my Harry Potter box set and some other rando books.

So let’s take a look at my progress that I have made on my bookshelves over the past 6 months. Just as a heads up, most of these pictures were only taken so that I had a clue what was on my shelf and wasn’t meant to be shared originally, but I just thought this idea would be so cool, so just bear with the terrible lighting and not-bookstagram worthy quality of *some* of these photos.

I have loved the Ikea Billy bookcases since I first started looking into furnishing my library and for the price, there really was no comparison so off to Ikea we went and originally picked up a bookcase.

During this trip to the Tampa Ikea store, we stopped at many of the used book stores there as well and got quite a few books our first trip which helped fill up the bookcase pretty quickly. This picture shows the combination of my and my boyfriend’s books combined after that first trip to pick up books…


This next book shows the slow accumulation of some of my favorites… Game of Thrones, Rick Riordan books, Miss Peregrine’s and the beginnings of my Maas shelf of appreciation.


Slowly getting to the point of needing another bookcase… luckily we bought another bookcase so that I didn’t have to share with my SO anymore since our tastes in books are pretty different!


This was the first shelfie that I posted on Instagram and I’m still really proud of this picture and the way that the shelves are set up. I can’t wait to do another rainbow shelf (soon)!


After seeing the last picture you can totally tell why I needed another bookcase right… Ugh, I know. I totally wasn’t ready for a third bookcase but I did it anyways!


There was so much white space once I got my third bookcase I decided to turn a few of my favorite/newer books forward because I was liking the look at the moment.


And finally, here is my bookcase currently! I cannot wait until Christmas because my whole Christmas list is books so I’m sure my next update will have some beautiful pictures of three full bookcases! Also, notice the significantly fewer number of books turned forward…


So that’s it for now, I hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I did and as much as I love looking at shelfies!

Do you see some of your favorite books on my shelf or is there something you don’t see that I definitely need to buy?? Let me know in the comment below!


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