2017 Book Goals

Ok ok, I know you’re all tired of seeing these, but I felt like I needed to post this simply so I could hold myself accountable in the upcoming year.

Over the last three years I’ve managed to increase my reading goals while branching out into different genres. It’s been something that I feel has added to my reading IQ, and maybe that doesn’t mean much, but it does help me when I’m determining if a book sounds like something I would like or if somebody else would like.

So, to start: I will start with the number of books I hope to complete this year. Last year I finished with 73 books. For 2017, I’m pushing myself for 100. That means at least two books a week, which doesn’t sound like much until you see the kind of hours I work during the school year.

The next goal: Read more diverse books. 

It’s so easy to fall into this habit of just picking up any book and not thinking about whether people of color are being fairly represented in novels as well as authors of color and this year I’m planning to be more conscious of this. I’ve already got a few books lined up for this particular goal that I’m extremely excited for — The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas and American Street by Ibi Zoboi. Also I’m about to start the ARC for When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon and I’m extremely excited for this book as it’s gotten such good review. If you have anymore recommendations, please, send them my way!

Goal No. 3: 

Branch out more. I’m so quick to keep reading what I love: fantasy and sci-fi. I finally got myself to start reading real contemporary this year and I want to go beyond this. I plan to add more adult fiction to my book list as well as continuing to push myself to read contemporary. I’ve started to do this, now I just need to keep it up.

Goal No. 4: 

Read more debut authors. As someone who is a former journalist and understands the frustration of obscurity, I’m making it my mission to read and support more debut authors this year. While I love V.E. Schwab and Sarah J. Maas, there are a ton of other authors out there working just as hard to get books out that deserve our love.


13 thoughts on “2017 Book Goals

  1. I love your goals! I definitely need to be more conscientious about who I’m reading and branching out of my comfort zone more. I found regency romance and steampunk to be genres that helped me branch out slightly from sci-fi and fantasy. I hope 2017 is full of reading for you and can’t wait to follow your blog to see how the goals are progressing!

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      1. I find it almost overwhelming, I think. I have so many fantasy books and series I want to read (or finish) that if I expand to another genre, what’s that going to do to my To-Read list!? It’s already endless. But at the same time, you gotta expand that comfort zone. Who knows, you may find the most enlightening and life-changing book, that way.

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      1. It was my first try with scifi and cyberpunk and found it a bit overwhelming from the very first pages. But I want to read more outside my comfort zone so it’s back on my list!


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