Thrice Read Tag

Ok. It seems really pretentious to create our own tag and literally call it the Thrice Read tag but we’re incredibly unimagitive and that’s all we could come up with. 

Currently, Caitlynn, Jenn and I (yes, it is I, Eden, writing this post) are sitting in a coffee shop in Nashville eating breakfast and giving you guys a Saturday post. The tag will focus on the questions we wish have been asked in a tag and questions that were favorites of ours. 

So, without further ado, the Thrice Read tag. 

What book defines you as a reader?

Eden: I love books that blur the lines of good and bad. Hopefully this doesn’t reflect on me as a person, but definitely Vicious. 

Caitlynn: Obviously Silence of the Lambs because I’m a serial killer. But really Six of Crows because I love anything about friendship and the ties of relationships. 

Jenn: Shadow and Bone simply because I’m always rooting for the villian. I mean who doesn’t love the Darkling?

Most unique book?

E: Truthwitch because it’s so rare to find that the main relationship in a book is two best friends supporting each other and not just a girl falling in love. 

C: Gone Girl because I have yet to find another book that matches it and I absolutely love it. 

J: The Book Thief. I mean how often do we have death as a narrator?

Which characters would play the Angel and devil on your shoulders?

E: AIDEN from illuminae is my devil. You want me to destroy all of humanity? Ok. My angel is Kitty from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. That girl could talk me into anything. 

C: My angel is Blue. The commandant from An Ember In The Ashes is m devil. I relate because my dad was in the military. 

J: Sevro is my Angel. My devil is Cath. Gotta love a woman scorned.

(Jenn considered naming cult leader Jim Jones her devil. We asked her not to choose the man that led a commune.)

Book that represents each stage of your life (childhood, adolescence, adulthood).

E: Childhood: Amelia Bedelia. 

Adolescence: The It Girl Series. It’s a spinoff to the Gossip Girl series and I loved it. 

Adulthood: 1984 because I read it my senior year of high school and have reread it multiple times since. 

C: Childhood: My Side of the Mountian. 

Adolescence: The Pretty Little Liars series.

Adulthood: Throne of Glass because it was right when Eden started giving me recommendations and I was like holy shit I actually have to listen to Eden on recommendations now. 

J: Childhood: A Wrinkle in Time. 

Adolescent: The Face on the Milk Carton. 

Adulthood: The Great Gatsby because it was when I started to really appreciate the books that I thought I previously hated. 

Book that is your go-to reread.

E: Just Listen by Sarah Desson. I’ve reread that book probably six times now. 

C: ACOTAR series. I’ve read it three times already. It’s just so good. 

J: (Jenn should say Twilight because she reread it like 11 times when she was like 16. I mean, she even highlighted sections that she liked most.) Probably To Kill a Mockingbird but that seems so boring. 

Book that surprised you the most.

E: A Study in Charlotte surprised me so much. I absolutely loved it. 

C: A Madness So Discreet. I was not expecting to enjoy that book at all. 

J: I would say Carry On by Rainbow Rowell. It’s so different from everything she’s ever written and it’s just so good. 

Most read author?

E: Marie Lu. I’ve read everything by her and am anxiously waiting for Warcrossed to come out. 

C: Lauren Oliver is my most read. 

J. Veronica Rossi, I love her books and can’t wait to read more. 

Which character is most like you?

E: According to Jenn and Caitlynn I am Emma from Miss Peregrines. I can support this. 

C: Isuelt.

J: Ronan. Easily. 

What is your favorite nonromantic ship.

E: Manon and Celaena Sardothian. 

C: The Raven Boys. Just all of them. 

J: Lada and Nikolae from And I Darken. 

Do you prefer the hero or the villain?

E: I’m typically more interested in the villain. 

C: Hero. You know I always need a happy ending. 

J: Villian. 


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