Nashville Weekend Wrap Up

As Eden, Caitlynn, and I sit in our hotel room in Nashville, TN we decided to give you guys a wrap up. This trip’s purpose was to celebrate Eden’s birthday and attend Susan Dennard’s Windwitch  signing. That being said this trip consisted of much much more than those two events. Eden cried, Jenn dived, and Caitlynn laughed way too much.

Friday: We started our trip Friday after work. So, Friday essentially consisted of endless amounts of driving, Hamilton sing-a-longs, and serial killer podcasts. Halfway through our drive we stopped at The Varsity in Atlanta, Georgia because who can resist those chili cheese dogs? 9 1/2 hours later we arrived at our hotel. Which, if we’re honest is not quite what we expected. (Picture this: a rust covered fridge, an electrical fire hazard, and the lingering scent of cat pee) But, after donning biohazard gear we could finally fall asleep.

Saturday: This one’s a doozy. First of all, we’re Floridians. That means we’re used to hot, flat places. Tennessee is the antithesis of these things. Needless to say, we need to up our fitness regime before we try to trek through Tennessee again. (To say we were panting after the initial climb would be putting it lightly.) After conquering that mountain we grabbed coffee at Provence Bread & Cafe. We grabbed some breakfast and coffee and proceeded to write our post for the day. The coffee at this place was some of the best we’ve ever had. If you have the opportunity to go here you should try the Sherlock Holmes. Also, this cafe is connected to the Nashville Public Library and you can’t go wrong with coffee and books. Now, it’s important to note: this cafe is connected, yes connected, to the library. DO NOT WALK AROUND TO GO TO THE LIBRARY. We made the mistake of taking the sketchiest path ever through a parking garage to get to the library. When all we had to do was walk up a flight of stairs. One. flight. of. stairs. Attached: photo of said sketchy parking garage.

Ok, ok so we weren’t very smart in getting into the library. BUT. We got there, so we still succeeded. So the Nashville Library is amazing. First of all it’s gorgeous. The building is quite large (it totals three stories tall and takes up almost an entire block) and seems to have been renovated within the last 5-10 years. It’s all marble and hardwood floors and wonderful artwork. The selection was massive, but what was most impressive was the teen section. We have a post coming on the teen section of the library and how amazing it is that Nashville has made it’s library into this place to help kids stay out of trouble. It’s more than just a place to read books and we were just so impressed by it.

Once we left the library we walked around Nashville and took some pictures of the area. This was basically the end to our day.

Now. For the part that we’re sure nobody really cares about. My (Eden’s) birthday celebration. This trip was originally planned for my birthday. What I wanted was to come on this trip simply to see a new place and to have an opportunity to get Susan Dennard to sign Windwitch for me as well as to see her speak. Since it was my birthday weekend, we decided to go out. And all hell broke loose.

We started at BB King’s restaurant watching a live blues show while eating dinner. This gave us the opportunity to watch roughly 20 middle aged women do the electric slide to a cover of a James Brown song. It was weird. We loved it. It was also the moment Jenn met her soulmate, a woman wearing a bright red jacket and tassels swishing back and forth on her pants, who was just a little too into the music.

After, we found ourselves in a karaoke bar. We figured a few drinks in and we would be on the stage. That was until we realized that everyone literally EVERYONE in Nashville can sing. Like, the worst person to sing that night wasn’t even really bad, she was just not totally on key. How were we supposed to get on a stage and rap Ice Ice Baby when everyone was meant to be on American Idol? It wasn’t happening. (Side note: a dude sang Be Our Guest and the entire bar was into it. I don’t mean like a group of four girls were singing along, but like Tennessee frat dudes were singing their hearts out with us.)

We stayed at the karaoke bar until about 1. I made friends with an old woman named Celeste that thought my choice of college football team was unfortunate and then I later found her ballroom dancing with a man with dreads just outside of the bathrooms. Jenn some how got ushered into no less than three bridal parties and didn’t pay for a drink for about three hours. And Caitlynn. Honestly, I don’t really know what Caitlynn was doing. She did come back at one point and tell me, “You should go to the bathroom! The people are so nice and I think they’re my friends now.”

Of course, I went to the bathroom.

At about 1, when we had our fill of karaoke, we went to the adjoining club to the karaoke bar (YES! There was a club attached to the bar and boy was it great). We danced for a few minutes before I had a total melt down and needed to get out of the crowd. I stood at a table where a guy stared at me for about two minutes and then just nodded and patted my shoulder. I like to think he just knew I needed to get away from the crowd. Once Jenn and Caitlynn (because Caitlynn couldn’t remember where I told her I was going) found me we decided to head out.

This was the moment that has left Caitlynn laughing at random times all day the next day. It’s the moment that Caitlynn marks as the greatest part of the night.

Jenn fell.

It wasn’t like she tripped and fell. She belly flopped onto the floor… Off of an empty stage. She didn’t even attempt catch herself. Apparently I was walking past her and she went to grab my shoulder as she stepped down. I walked out of her grasp and, well, you know the rest.

See gif for demonstration: 

To be fair, she was really swift as she jumped from plank position to her feet which happened to be wedged into five inch heels.

We left the club and decided to end our night on the pedestrian bridge because I wanted to get a photo of the skyline at night.

Here’s a picture for proof:

Sunday: Finally, we made it to the day of the whole reason for our trip, Susan Dennard’s Windwitch signing. We started this day with brunch and coffee and then headed straight to Parnassus for the 2 p.m. signing. This is where we met Dennard’s parents, took pictures with Susan and got to talk about her upcoming plans for the Witchlands series. Be sure to check back later today for our full recap of the event and some fun tidbits we were super excited to find out about.

Today was definitely the most successful day in regards to finding amazing food places! We ate dinner at an awesome place called Nicky’s Coal Fired Italian which offered incredible Italian cuisine with fresh ingredients and brick oven bar where you could watch the chefs make the pasta and bake the pies.

We also made our way over to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams which we originally heard about at YALLFest this year but never quite made it over there, what a major regret that was! This ice cream is easily the best thing that we’ve had in a while. It has a very Baskin Robbins vibe with all the flavor choices but they were so much more enriching. We also took this opportunity to assess our lives via our ice cream choices… Jenn, the coffee addict, got espresso and salted caramel; Eden, the yummy adult, got Roxberry Road and sweet cream; and Caitlynn, the classic, got dark chocolate and salted caramel.

After all of that… here we are, in our hotel room in a partial-food coma writing this post now. Be sure to keep your eye out for our posts later today detailing the amazing Nashville Public Library and Susan Dennard’s Windwitch signing.


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