Thursday Thoughts – Reading Pressure and Trends

Hi guys, Jenn here. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of tags and reviews. I haven’t really had a chance to just write a post about my current thoughts regarding reading. This week I want to talk about the pressure of the bookish community online.

As many of you know the three of us at Thrice Read are pretty involved in the bookish community all over the internet. We are here on WordPress, on Twitter, and on Instagram. So, we follow a lot of other book bloggers. With our community being so close there are often trends that go through it. One person will read a book and recommend it and it becomes an almost domino effect. Therefore, we feel a certain amount of pressure to read the trendy book.

Trends are not inherently bad nor is the pressure to read certain books. A lot of the time the books that become trendy become some of our favorite books. However, there is a downside to that as well. At times we find ourselves forcing ourselves to read a book when we have no real desire to do so. This ultimately results in us disliking the book just because we felt forced to read it.

I love the bookish community and I want to continue to be involved in it. I want to continue to receive recommendations and read books others love. But, I am not going to force myself to read something I’m not in the mood to read. It is unfair to myself, the book, or the author. I will continue to follow some trends but I’m taking the pressure off.


How do you feel about the pressure to read and the trends in the book community? Do you feel the same? Or am I crazy? 


20 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – Reading Pressure and Trends

  1. That’s very understandable. If you force yourself to read something which you are not really in the mood for, you risk not liking it at first. And maybe if you would have waited you would have love it… That’s why I let my mood guide my reads… 😉

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  2. There is definitely plenty to read out there. I have created a library list of the latest or trends to read so that I have it on hand, but honestly between my assigned book reviews and the books in my personal collection I don’t have time for the latest trend. Also, if its something I feel like I’m not going to enjoy, I will skip it regardless of the trend because I know something else will be there to replace it soon enough.

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  3. I feel like there is so much to read, and so little time, as well as being able to afford books all the time. There’s so much pressure to read loads, and to get through so many books a month, and it can build so much stress, and reading doesn’t become something that you enjoy. I hate the thought of pressuring people into reading things, as sometimes people have valid reasons for not always reading every new book.

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  4. There is definitely an influence there when you see people praising this or that book and you immediately put it in your TBR. But I’m a mood reader I always read what I’m in the mood for, I mean of course, I’m influenced by reviews bc I buy books that have resonated well with people bc I trust the general consensus of it. Regardless it’s important that you read what you want to read and if you end up loving it that’s even better because people are different. We all like and love different things because we see each book we read in a completely different way than someone else would and that is the beauty of reading and sharing the love for it, i think.

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  5. I definitely agree that there is a lot of pressure to read certain books when so involved in the bookish community but when there is hype (especially good hype) for a book I’m always intrigued to read it and form my own opinion and a lot of times I end up loving the books, they wouldn’t have so much hype if they weren’t somewhat good

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  6. I’m not one to read the trendy book. I guess I’m an outlier, but I’m pretty picky about what I read. But it means that my blog is kinda starving for followers. I do look at the latest trend to see what’s popular, but I don’t generally follow the crowd.

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  7. Personally, I try to focus on what the actual book is about to see if it really interests me instead of diving straight in because of the surrounding hype. There is a real pressure to read the same content as everyone else so you feel more apart of the community, which encourages me to pick up different material but can also be pretty stressful. Right now I’m just sticking to the piles of books I have at home and ignoring the latest stuff in stores, so I don’t feel stressed about my crazy tbr stack already on my shelf XD

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  8. AMEN! I love this post! I definitely agree that just being pressured into reading a bog can really make you dislike it. I also agree that I love recommendations. There always needs to be that common ground that says “hey, this is a good book I read so you might want to check it out, but don’t feel obligated to read it if it isn’t interesting to you.”

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