Inside Out Book Tag

I am a huge Disney nerd. If I could I would spend all of my time in the parks and the Disney radio is my go to station on Pandora. So, when I saw this Inside Out tag on Keira’s blog I jumped at the chance to do it. I love this movie and I loved completing this tag. I’m tagging anyone and everyone who has not completed it yet!

Name a book that brings you JOY.

Books altogether make me happy (in general). So, I found it difficult to answer this question. As a whole I relate books that make me joyful to being contemporary novels. Not because other books don’t make me happy. But, because the feeling is totally different. Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell is a book that can always bring me joy. I love this story. I need to reread this ASAP.

Name a book that makes you SAD.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak I read this 3 years ago. I sobbed while reading this in my dorm room at 3 am. Yes, full blown hyperventilating, snot nosed, ugly crying. It killed me. It’s a beautiful story but it is so damn sad.

Name a book that makes you ANGRY.

This question is actually really difficult for me to answer. I am choosing Heartless by Marissa Meyer. The book as a whole I loved, so it didn’t make me angry. However, some of the characters and their interactions made me angry while reading it.

Name a book that DISGUSTS you.

Yet again I am going to talk about something within a book rather than the book itself. The subject matter of Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis disgusts me. The fact that we live in a culture that normalizes rape and aggressive behavior disgusts me. McGinnis did an amazing job of pointing this out and giving a voice to people who otherwise may not feel like they have a voice.

Name a book that brings you FEAR.

A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas makes me fear what’s to come next. I have become so attached to this story and these character that I am fearful of what is going to happen next.


Did you agree with my answers? What do you think?


10 thoughts on “Inside Out Book Tag

    I definitely fear what is to come next in ACOMAF… we have been promised sex scenes and I really, really hope there aren’t any with Tamlin because that would be unhealthy and I just do want to read it. I also hope we get Feyre-Rhysand interactions in the beginning even though they are separated. It’s a long shot, but we can wish!


  2. Great post. I’m so glad you mentioned Eleanor and Park. I don’t usually reread books but I’ve read it so many times now. It’s one of my favourites


  3. I agree with Heartless. I loved the book, but wanted to scream at Cath for her terrible decisions 1/2 the time! Also, I adored ACOMAF. I’m so excited for A Court of Wings and Ruin, but nervous about it as well.


  4. I had the very same reaction to the Book Thief. I sobbed until my eyes puffed up and I can honestly tell you I have never cried like that reading a book since. Before that it was Goodnight Mister Tom – when I was eleven. This post was interesting and has made me curious about the other books you mentioned! Great read 🙂 I liked how you delved into the hows and whys of the feelings evoked by these books.


  5. I’ve been tempted to read the Book Thief but something kept holding me back and now I’m glad I didn’t!! I don’t want to cry! But I love Sarah Maas! I think her characters are awesome and I really enjoy her writing.


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