Eden’s February Wrap Up

Woo. It’s been a hell of a month.

I was working on a playlist for today’s post but, as it was for Caraval, I decided against it since it’s already getting so much traction I wanted to hold off. It kind of plays into Jenn’s post a few weeks ago about not necessarily always buying into the hype around a book. While I’m currently reading Caraval and really into it, I figured it would be a good idea to take a step back and maybe try to hype some books that don’t have the same amount of love.

So, I did a wrap up — one that includes Pride and Prejudice the most hyped book to exist — in hopes of reminding you of some great but less-hyped reads.

Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen

I finally read this classic after seeing and reading every adaption created. Honestly, it took me about a week to read because the language is so different from what I was used to but it was well worth the time spent. Pride and Prejudice is phenomenal… obviously.

The Last of August by Brittany Cavalarro

You can see my review for The Last of August here. It was everything and more than what I’d hoped for. As it’s the sequel to A Study in Charlotte, I had high hopes and luckily they weren’t dashed.

A Dawn Most Wicked by Susan Dennard

I picked up A Dawn Most Wicked because I’m obsessed with all that Dennard writes currently. This is her first-ever published novella and I actually read it because she told me she felt she really struggled to condense Daniel’s story to just 125 pages. I thought the story was brilliant and that her writing was brilliant. What’s new though? You can see the review here.

Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick

Who doesn’t love a story about Anna Kendrick, told by Anna Kendrick? I love reading celebrities books because it typically humanizes them for us. Kendrick’s book of essays on her life does just that. If you want a full recap of my reading experience you can check out the review here. 


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