Shameless Book Tag

So, I’ve been in a Shameless binge all weekend, which means that 1. I haven’t had a chance to read anything extra so I don’t have a book review to read and 2. I’m officially obsessed with Shameless…

I browsed the internet to see if there was a Shameless book tag and I came across Payton’s Booktube video here, check out her original post!


Intro – The beginning clip of every episode is always funny.

A book that grabbed your attention from the very beginning.

My Sister Rosa. This book really kept it going from the very beginning!


Frank Gallagher – He is a raging alcoholic and gets on everyone’s nerves.

A book that really annoyed you.

The last two books of the Selection series… The Heir and The Crown. Cass should have just stopped after the first 3.


Fiona Gallagher – She does everything in her power to protect her siblings.

A character who protects their family no matter what.

This one has to go to Scarlett in Caraval. That girl has some serious love for her sister!


Lip Gallagher – He is incredibly smart and cunning.

A character who always uses their intelligence to get out of a sticky situation.

Definitely have to go with Shazi from The Wrath and the Dawn, she got out of the ultimate sticky situation with Khalid…


Ian Gallagher – Ian is 1/2 of the best tv couple.

Your favorite LGBQT+ character.

I loved Flynn from Last Seen Leaving, he was such a great character and experiencing the coming out journey with him was fun.


Debbie Gallagher – Debbie wants to grow up too fast.

A character who should enjoy being young.

This is such a difficult question, I think I come up with a good answer and then I think about what that character has gone through and how their lives have shaped them.

Honestly, the first thing that came to my mind was Gansey from The Raven Boys, he is too serious for how young he is.


Carl Gallagher – Carl has a weird obsession with weapons.

A character that’s handy with a weapon.

Kaz from Six of Crows is my top pick for good with his weapons of choice.


Kev & Veronica  – They are an odd couple that likes to keep things interesting.

An underrated couple.

Natasha and Daniel from The Sun is Also a Star. They were such a great couple and not talked about nearly enough!


Mickey Milkovich – He has the funniest comeback lines.

A funny side character.

I definitely want to say The Cat Annoyance for this one from A Man Called Ove. I have never laughed as hard reading a book as I did during the interactions between Ove and the cat.


Mandy Milkovich – She knows how to defend herself at any time.

Your favorite bad ass female character.

Alex Craft from The Female of the Species. She is the ultimate bad-ass.


The Gallaghers – No matter the hardships going on in their lives, they all love each other.

Your favorite fictional family!

There are so many! The Raven Boys, Lily’s family from P.S. I Like You, The Weasley’s… There are just so many great families out there!

Feel free to do this tag if you want to! It was super fun and I loved that it had to do with Shameless, which of course I was watching the whole time I was doing this so it took me ten times longer to complete the tag.

Do you watch Shameless?



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