Top 5 Thursday – Bookish Regrets

Every reader has some regrets. Whether it be about a book or if it’s about not finishing a series. Since joining the bookish community I have had some regrets surrounding books and the bookish community.

  1. Starting series but never finishing them

    I have a problem when it comes to series. I am terrible at finishing them. I’ve even made a post about it. I’m currently trying to catch up with my series. However, it’s proving to be difficult. Why didn’t I just read the sequels when they came out? I don’t know either.

  2. Not finding out about book conventions sooner.

    This year we attended YALLfest and had a blast. It was amazing. I wish I could have started to go to cons like it years ago. It was the highlight of my year last year. Being able to interact with all of my online bookish friends and see authors I admire was amazing. I can’t wait to attend another convention!

  3. Putting down books in the middle of reading them.

    This is not a problem that I really face anymore. Previously though I would get halfway through a book and get distracted. Thus, future me has to now reread the whole book since I’ve forgotten so much of them. I really dislike past me.

  4. Worrying too much about “the next big book”

    When books come out and they have a lot of buzz around them I tend to want to drop everything and read them then. This hype can leave me underwhelmed. Also, it really has a negative effect on my TBR shelf.

  5. Not being as involved in the community

    I love this community. You are my people. I always regret when I fall off the wagon of talking to my bookish friends. Lately I have felt out of the loop and I am missing all of my bookish friends. Sometimes life just gets in the way of socializing. But, I hate when that happens.

So, those are my top 5 bookish regrets. Do you have any bookish “regrets” let me know what yours are!



7 thoughts on “Top 5 Thursday – Bookish Regrets

  1. I can get behind in series so easily too. There are just so many, I normally have to just read them all back to back if they are out.
    Book Conventions, this sounds like so much fun but I have no idea where to start just yet. Maybe something smaller here in WA.


  2. I used to be terrible about putting down books in the middle of reading them. When I last moved and was packing my books most of them had little bookmarks sticking out of the top and I had no recollection of about half of them. It really made me dislike past me, too.

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  3. My book regrets-I wish I had even more time to read! I wish I started reading YA books earlier in my life. I once had a chance to work with JK Rowling at a book signing before she was worldwide famous and I turned it down.

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  4. I actually regret carrying on with a book or series more out of a sense of duty than enjoyment. When I was younger I would ALWAYS finish a book once I’d started it, not doing so was unthinkable even if it was annoying me or boring me to tears! Now I value my time more, if I’m not enjoying a book by about 1/3 of the way I’m done with it. Never again will a fling an unpleasant book across the room after the last page decrying the x number of hours of life I would never get back! I no longer see not finishing a book as a failure but as making more time to read something worthwhile.


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