Tuesday Tips: Reading on Vacation

Yesterday was the start of Spring Break for the county I teach in. That means I have the whole week off. During this week I am taking my nieces and nephew to Disney World. That means it’s going to be very busy and very chaotic. So, I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 tips for reading on vacation. 

1) Don’t force it. 

  • Nothing is worse than adding unnecessary stress on a vacation. If you aren’t in the mood for reading, don’t read. If you force yourself you may end up resenting a book you’d otherwise love.

2) Audiobooks

    • Audiobooks are amazing. I discovered my love for audiobooks this summer on my road trip. It is a great way to read during a time when you can’t do a lot. There are some great audiobooks out there. Definitely invest in Audible by Amazon. 

    3) Read anytime anywhere

    • If you have any downtime utilize it. I will be reading a lot of books as I’m waiting in lines at Disney World. I want to ensure that I take advantage of any free time that I have. 

    4) Bring a variety of books

    • It’s inevitable that you won’t want to read the only book you brought on a trip. So, try to invest in bringing multiple books. That way you have something for any mood that you might be in. Take away those excuses from yourself. 

    5) Browse NetGalley

    • I’m a huge fan of NetGalley. It is a website that brings readers/reviewers together with Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) of books. When I’m traveling I like to download some of these ARCs to take on my trip. They are free and offer a great opportunity to read new books by different authors. If you haven’t checked out the website you definitely should. 

    What are your tried and true tricks or tips?


    9 thoughts on “Tuesday Tips: Reading on Vacation

    1. Great post! If I go away, I always bring my Kindle. It’s the best and most efficient way of having plenty of books at my fingertips… it sucks when you bring one or two physical books with you and you can’t get into them!

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    2. Great tips! I always bring my kindle with me no matter how short the journey is. If it’s a long one I bring a back up paperback in case the battery dies.

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