Bookish Goal Setting

Lately here on Thrice Read we have been all about goal-setting. This month Eden challenged herself to a Book a Day Challenge. Also, yesterday Caitlynn challenged herself to reading Two Books a Week. So, it looks like I’m the slacker here. I felt it was only fitting that I created a challenge for myself as well.

Now, my challenge is going to be a bit different from the aforementioned challenges. Rather than focusing on numbers I am going to be looking at content. As of recently I’ve had a lot of things going on in my career and in my personal life that has made reading a bit more difficult. I’ve been stressing myself out about this for the past 2 weeks or so.  Therefore, I want to challenge myself without sabotaging myself.

So, I am creating categories that I would like to fullfill each month. Books can check off more than one category or I can read one book for each category. This will give me a little bit more freedom while still keeping me on track.

Each month I would like to read books that fall into these categories:

That’s it. I think this goal is going to be attainable. The whole aim is to get me thinking about what books I’m reading and who the authors are.

What goals do you have? Let me know below.


5 thoughts on “Bookish Goal Setting

  1. Admirable goal! And I think it’s really a worthy goal! I have been thinking recently and it seems like all of my slumps happen when I invest in one genre for too long, so I have been trying to do something similar.


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