Twenty-five Bookish Facts – Eden

Caitlynn posted this tag on Monday and I was reading through it and I really liked it simply because I like the idea of letting you guys get to know me. I know I talk about my job a lot and my constant need for sleep, but outside of those there isn’t a lot you know about me.

Caitlynn got this tag from Romana over at A Book Nerd who is one of our favorite bloggers to follow on here, so check her out.

25. Of Caitlynn, Jenn and I, I am the slowest reader. For some reason I need to hit every word on the page to be able to appreciate and enjoy a book, which tends to slow me down a lot.

24. When I was 6, I had a competition with a classmate on who could get the most Accelerated Reader points. He won, but I still racked up about 60 AR points.

23. I’ve always enjoyed reading but its been in the last four years that I’ve really become obsessed with it.

22. Thrice Read started simply because Caitlynn, Jenn and I had a book club that we really enjoyed and thought it would be fun to let people in on our conversations. The Saturday Discussion post was the first idea for a blog post we ever had.

21. I’m much more invested in an adventure than I am in a love story, however, one of my favorite books is To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.

20. No matter how I arrange my bookcases, all of my books end up stacked in random places across my room and on my bookcases.

19. I studied journalism and graduated with a journalism degree in college simply because creative writing would have left me jobless and probably homeless when I graduated.

18. Contrary to having a blog, I hate recommending books to people because I tend to get pretty disappointed when they don’t enjoy it as much as I did.

17. I love series. There are few books where I’m satisfied with one book. I always want to know more even if the story doesn’t have anywhere to go.

16. I will fall down a Goodreads hole of reading a synopsis for a book and marking it as planned to read even when it’s not set to be published until 2020 (I’m looking at you, Holly Black).

15. Jenn doesn’t trust me with books. She’s always telling me to be careful with it or, “You don’t need to open it so wide.”

14. If I love the first book of a series, I will jump into it and complete the entire six book series in two days. I go hard for the books I love.

13. I wasn’t a fan of audiobooks until recently. Even still, I feel like I’m missing something when I’m just listening to a book.

12. I don’t do photos for our Bookstagram account. I can be a hell of a writer, but I don’t have the eye for photography.

11. Meeting V.E. Schwab was one of the most amazing moments of my year and probably of my life. I admire and respect her so much so it was amazing to meet someone I have read and appreciated regularly.

10. I’m trying to teach myself not to laugh at the books other people read. It’s mean and no matter what the book you’re supporting an industry that is struggling to compete with television and movies.

9. I feel a stronger connection to books that I read while listening to playlists, which is why I post playlists for books.

8. The number of books I’ve bought simply because I loved their cover is shameful.

7. I’m always behind on our Saturday Discussion reads. Caitlynn and Jenn are always having to make sure that I’m actually finished.

6. I’m notorious for reading three or four books at a time. Unless I’m super into the book, I find that it helps me stay interested.

5. I struggle to not read books that I’ve gotten in the mail that I’ve been anticipating the release of. I usually just want to dive in and learn all its secrets.

4. My range of genre’s has grown significantly in the last two years.

3. Any time I’m reading a middle grade I’m always thinking about whether it’s something I would suggest to my students.

2. When I read Throne of Glass four years ago I never anticipated Maas becoming some massive superstar author, and it makes me so happy.

1. My mother was my biggest influence in reading. She was always reading to me or having me read to her as I was growing up. When I was about 8 she gave me a children’s version of Little Women which I read and devoured. When I finished she told me that was her favorite book growing up and she was happy to share it with me. That kind of attention and care in my reading is what pushed me to keep reading even as I got older.


5 thoughts on “Twenty-five Bookish Facts – Eden

  1. I hateeeee recommending books to people because I feel like it always puts me on the spot. I’m always thinking “What if they don’t like the same stuff that I do!? Then I’ll look lame recommending it!” hahha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I take it as more of a personal offense, honestly. I once recommended a book to Jenn that I absolutely loved. When she finished it she was like, “Well it was ok, but I didn’t love it the way you did.” I immediately started questioning her because I just COULDN’T believe she didn’t have the same feelings as me. I’ve gotten better, but I can still be ridiculous about it.


  2. Love this! Y’all inspired me to write my own list – it’s such a good way to learn more about people. Love # 24 – it’s similar to one on my list. I got banned from reading during school hours in 5th grade because I was trying to win an AR contest.


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