Anything But Books Tag

Alright, so I’m really in a slump since I wasn’t able to finish The Bronze Horseman last night and I have no idea what to post for today, so you guys get another tag! I decided to go with not a book tag today just to really throw you off.

I found this tag on Cristina’s blog, My Tiny Obsession, you can check out her post here!

1. Name a cartoon that you love.

MOANA! She is a beautiful soul and really rivals Rapunzel as my favorite Disney princess.

2. What is your favorite song right now?

I’ll probably go with I Don’t Wanna Live Forever by Zayn and Taylor Swift. I love me some T-Swift!


3. What could you do for hours that isn’t reading?

Definitely watching Shameless…. You know what I would do for hours after finishing Shameless? Watch Shameless again.

4. What is something you love to do that your followers would be surprised by?

I feel like I’m an open-book so I doubt you guys would be surprised by anything that I know how to do… Especially since I’m so boring and don’t do anything fun. But I do love traveling!

5. What is your favorite unnecessarily specific thing to learn about?


I love Algebra. Lemme tell you, those absolute answers are just the bee’s knees.

6. What is something unusual that you know how to do?


Accounting. I’m an accounting-fanatic. I work a second job doing accounting work because I enjoy doing it. I’m a nerd and I like money, what can I say?

7. Name something you made in the last year and show us if you can.

I’m not much of a maker, but Jenn and I got into hand-lettering for a little while… It didn’t really go far though.

8. What is your most recent personal project?

Setting up my office in my house! I am going to be teaching next school year so I’m hoping to start out organized and stay that way, fingers crossed!

9. Tell us something that you think about often?

I definitely am always thinking about the book that I’m currently reading or what I’m looking forward to reading next. If I’m staying away from bookish answers, I’m going to go with how freaking adorable my dog is.

10. Give us something that is your favorite.

I love cats. Seriously, cats, cat statues, anything with a cat on it I love. (But I love my pup-dog too…)

11. Say the first thing that pops into your head.

Apollo loves his mom!

Apollo is my puppy and I will forever force my love on all of my animals.

I hope this was something that you guys enjoyed, we try to keep it real bookish over here so I didn’t want to stray too far from the route. Please, feel free to do this tag yourself if you want!



7 thoughts on “Anything But Books Tag

      1. I loved it too. I’m dying to read the second book, but I want to wait until I discuss it with my friends for our book club at the beginning of next month. Waiting is hard!!!

        Enjoy the rest of the book! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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