Top 5 Friday – Book turn offs

This week I’ve been really thinking about what turns me off of a book. Typically once I get into a book it just gets better the more I read. However, I do have a couple of pet peeves when it comes to books. So, I thought I’d share my Top 5 Book turn offs.

  1. Pregnancy:
    • I know this makes me sound cold-hearted. But, I can’t stand it when a character gets pregnant in a book. A lot of the time these pregnancies are set up like a obstacle for the main character and I just don’t enjoy that plot point. I find that it can take away from a powerful plotline.
  2. Blatant Stereotyping:
    • You would think this would be an obvious one. However, I have come across multiple books that have used stereotypes to describe characters rather than giving them any really personality traits. It irks me and really pulls me out of the book.
  3. The additional book in the series:
    • It seemed like for a long time publishers were pushing for trilogies. Now don’t get me wrong I love series. What I don’t love is when a book is published as a series when it really was only intended as a standalone or a duology. I understand it’s an aspect of marketing. But, I also think it can take away from the author’s vision.
  4. Cover Changes:
    • Some cover changes are gorgeous. On the other hand some cover changes are just awful. The worst though is a cover change mid series. When this happens my books end up being different styles halfway through and it’s frustrating. I don’t want to rebuy the book. At the same time I don’t want different covers on series. I know, I know. #Firstworldproblems
  5. The Miraculous Ending:
    • We all know this kind of ending. This is when a book is wrapped up in what seems like the last 20 pages in the book. Everything comes together and is conveniently all solved. The main character just so happened to come up with the perfect plan to save everyone and fix a centuries old problem. It really can sour a series for me.

What are your top 5 book turn offs? Let me know in the comments!


13 thoughts on “Top 5 Friday – Book turn offs

  1. I’m with you on the additional books in a series. There have been so many books that I completed…only to find out the author decided to add a bunch of books when the story was already over! I love series, but not when it isn’t necessary. Great post!

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  2. It seems like the series that sell best get the most cover changes. Understandable. I guess they figure if you’re keen enough to buy a whole series, then if it gets a whole new set of gorgeous covers, then you’re more likely to pay out twice.

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  3. I have to agree with #1, as a mom myself to 2 tiny humans I do NOT enjoy pregnancies in my books because they do pose obstacles. #’s 2 & 4 are really high up there on my list of irks as well lol 😉

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  4. Pregnancy. I can’t stand it when pregnancy is used as an obstacle in a book. What bugs me even more if the heroine gets pregnant by the hero and hides to pregnancy from the hero.

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  5. I’ve really come to hate love triangles. They’re soooo overdone nowadays. Now, I don’t mind if it’s done well or if it’s not a major point of the plot, but if the MC is flip flopping between both love interests every other chapter, it’s annoying.

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  6. Big turn off for me is toddler talk, when a ‘cute’ kid says things like “me have ice cweam” and never has a strop, ugh. Also when an author starts using dialect but then drops it periodically. Eg a Transylvanian style character saying “I vant” or “vere is” one minute then slipping into “what” or “where” – sometimes in the same sentence!


  7. I agree with your five! I would take Cover Changes a step further to include “movie covers.” Putting the faces of actors or scenes from a movie inspired by the book on the cover really dilutes the magic of the book [for me] by associating the writing and the characters with the personas of celebrities (even if the movie and its actors portray the contents of the book well).

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  8. Thank you for asking.

    My Top Five Book turn-Offs (Random order):

    1. No reference in the Table of Contents page to the existence of photographs, Tables, Drawings, Plans etc. within the volume

    2. No Table of Contents

    3,. No Index (where applicable)

    4. No Bibliography (where applicable)

    5. The author writing for a small group of his friends with no regard to his larger international audience.

    Although there are several more, in the same vein, as you have only asked for five…..

    Again, thank you.


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