Thursday Thoughts – Reading Styles

Lately I’ve been thinking about the way in which I read. Since starting this blog with Eden and Caitlynn I’ve noticed that the three of us have very different reading styles. So, I wanted to talk about the differences between all of us.

The Multi-Tasker:

Eden is our multi-tasking reader. She does not commit to just one book at a time. Instead she reads multiple books at a time. At any given point Eden is reading between 2-4 books. She does this while keeping them all straight which is really impressive. She reads based upon her feeling at the moment. I think this really helps her keep her TBR list down.

Pleasure Reader:

Caitlynn is our planner. She chooses a book and ensures that she has time to read it before even picking it up. She gives herself to really spend time with the book and the characters without being rushed. If she picks up another book it’s typically an audiobook.  I often get jealous of the way she approaches books.  I think sometimes my reading would be easier/more enjoyable if I let myself read in a leisurely way.

Marathon Reader:

Finally, I would say that I am a marathon reader. When I start a book I want to finish it that day. I am really bad at reading multiple books at a time. If I try this I inevitably allow one book to be shoved aside and forgotten. This is the reason I have some half read books on my shelves. I tell myself that I can’t read a book over the course of the week because I get much more invested if I read it all at once. However, I think I may be able to chalk that up to being a procrastinator. Either way I look at a book as a single day experience. I want to give my full attention to the book for a couple of hours and finish it before I put it down.

This blog has really made me think about the process of reading. Readers enjoy books in lots of different ways. I think the key is sticking to what you know works for you. There’s no wrong way to be a reader. It’s all about making the most enjoyable experience possible.

Is your reading style similar to any of ours? I’d love to hear how you approach reading in a similar or different way from the three of us.


25 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – Reading Styles

  1. Oh dear, definitely inveterate multi-tasker 🙂 I’m guilty of reading up to two dozen books at the same time. I keep them “separate” in my head by ensuring they’re mostly of very different kinds (non-fiction/fiction, literary/genre, novel/play/poetry/short stories, diff eras, cultures, languages, topics). Then I pick up what’s most suited to my mood, surroundings, curiosity, amount of free time … it sounds complicated, but it isn’t once you get started!

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  2. My style varies a lot. Sometimes I read two books at a time, and sometimes I’m so engrossed in one that I don’t want to read anything else. I almost always am reading while doing something else but there are times where I can just sit and read for hours bc I have the time available. And definitely there are times, like today, where a book is due back and I know I’ll be reading like a fiend to get it finished before the library takes the book away! 😂

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  3. This was such a cool post idea – and so interesting. I’d never thought about how differently people read. I tend to be a slow, detail-oriented reader. Basically, when I read a book I have a pen or pencil and a dictionary close by and take the time to make notes, look up words, etc. This can be frustrating because it takes me so long to read a book… but there are exceptions to this as well. Some books are just so good I read them in one sitting without looking up once. I think it mostly depends on how much time I have. It’ll be interesting to see if this changes when I graduate (in 2 weeks!) and have less time worrying about classwork and more time to focus on the books that have been living on my selves for months without being touched – there is some much needed TLC there.

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  4. I couldn’t read more than one book at a time, I’d get so confused with them all🙈 I think I’m a mixture between the other two depending on how behind I am with reviews haha!

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  5. I’m a multi-tasker like Eden and start 3-4 at the same time then one starts the edge out the others and I’ll finish that once it gets good. One ends up pushed to last and I’ll be slogging through it by itself in the end. It really helps me to gauge whether a book truly captures my interest or is just easy to read. Such a great post idea!

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  6. I’m the same as you, I’m a marathon reader for sure. I think I used to have times when I was more of a pleasure reader, but I think ever since I started blogging, I’ve fallen back on my marathon habits far too much! Awesome post- I love the idea for this!

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  7. I’m a multi-tasker reader for sure. I normally have one non-fiction book, one fiction book for my Kindle, one for my phone and one for my library, so four books at once 🙂 I go by my mood and how much time I have. The one on my phone is normally light and fluffy and easy to read in five-ten minute bursts when I’m waiting for the tram.

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  8. I love this post idea! I’m definitely a marathon reader, too. Once I pick up the book I want to finish the book all at once. If it takes more than three days I usually never pick it back up again. Unfortunately that often means getting way early or staying up entirely too late.

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  9. Great post! I’m somewhere between a pleasure and marathon reader. I only read one book at a time and often get so taken with the characters or authors that I end up reading more than one in a series or by the same author. I think I suffer from book hang overs so that I can’t switch between books easily 😀

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  10. That is a topic I haven’t thought about before. Cool idea! I think I can be any of those readers depending on my mood. Right now I’m reading 4 books at once some of those I want to marathon through, others I like taking my time with. 🙂

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  11. I’m more of a multi-tasker though some books do bring out the ‘marathon reader’ in me. It’s nice to dip in and out of more than one story each week.


  12. I’d say I’m definitely a pleasure reader. I don’t mind if it takes me a few days to get through the books I love. I like living in that world and living with the characters for awhile. That’s the biggest reason why I can’t read multiple books at a time. I don’t feel like I can switch between the worlds well enough to enjoy them. I kind of wish I could though! Like you said, it might help keep the TBR down.


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