April Wrap Up and TBR – Eden

I know it seems a little late to be doing a wrap up/TBR but bear with me here. I need to make some goals because who would I be if I didn’t arbitrarily make book goals and then never follow through with them?

Not Eden, that’s for sure.

April Wrap Up

I’m not going to lie. April was a really, and when I say really, I mean really bad month for me. I started books and stopped books. I flipped back and forth on my TBR. I’m not kidding when I say it was a bad month.

So, here are my three books that I read for April.

Both The School For Good and Evil and The Forgetting were discussion reads for the month. I found that I absolutely loved The School For Good and Evil and wasn’t so interested in The Forgetting.

The only book that I did as a solo read for the month of April was A World Without Princes (School For Good and Evil #2), which I also seriously loved. Check out my review for it here.


I’m going to make this simple. I have four discussion posts this month which means no matter what I will read four books, so in all I hope to read seven books (four discussion, three solo).

The Lie Tree: I’m actually currently reading this book, so hopefully I’ll have a review for it some time next week. Don’t hold me to that though. I will say that so far I’m really enjoying it and I’m excited to have some time to get further into it.

Wayfarer: I wasn’t really sure how much I really liked Passenger but I remember being very intrigued and interested in the what was to come in the duology at the end of the first novel. I think it’s time I picked this guy up and gave it a read.

The Upside of Unrequited: I feel like I need to read this book simply because I’ve had some really intense and depressing reads recently (I literally just finished The Hate U Give and Salt to the Sea, both of which killed me). It’s a contemporary and I’ve heard it’s absolutely amazing, so I’m excited to put this on my TBR.

Ok. Here it is. Wish me luck? What’s your TBR look like? How does it match up to mine?



3 thoughts on “April Wrap Up and TBR – Eden

  1. I hope May proves to be a much better month for you, by the looks of it I think it is! The Upside of Unrequited is sucha feel good book & will def get you out of a funk 😉 Happy reading! ❤


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