Second Thoughts Book Tag

As a reader my preferences are constantly evolving and changing. As I get older I find myself looking back on books and seeing them in a different light. That is what I really enjoyed about this tag. It’s a great tag to inspire reflection and I wanted to reflect on my life as a reader.

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What is a book you thought was “way too cheesy”/”so not my style”/”way out of your league”, but ended up loving?

I would have to say that The Duff was a book I was not anticipating enjoying as much as I did. I read it on a whim. But, ended up really liking it.

What is a book you hated, but loved/liked after giving it some thought or some time?

This is a very difficult question. I don’t really have any books that I did a complete 180 on. However, I reread Shadow and Bone and liked it a lot more during my second read. I believe I was able to appreciate the world and the story a great deal better the second time around.

What is a book you loved/liked, but hate/dislike today?

You should already know the answer to this one. Twilight. I don’t hate it to this day. But, I definitely dislike it. My taste and preferences have evolved since reading these books in high school. I still appreciate them for what they were to me at the time.

A character you loved before and totally hate/dislike today?

I’m going to say something that you’re probably not going to like. But, I’d have to choose Aelin from the Throne of Glass series. I loved Celaena Sardothien. Seriously, she was my girl and I adored her. The shift she’s undergone through the series has definitely changed her and I do not like her as much now. I don’t hate her. But, she’s definitely not the character I first loved.

A character you hated before and totally love/like today?

Manon. I hated reading her perspective at first. I thought it was boring and I didn’t care. Then Empire of Storms came around and she turned into one of my favorite characters. Manon is a badass and I really sold her short.

A book you almost gave up on, but glad you finished?

When I first started reading Truthwitch by Susan Dennard I could not get into it. Now that I’ve read it I can’t get enough of the Witchlands. Dennard’s writing is amazing and I can’t believe I had a hard time getting into the book my first time around.

A book you didn’t get/buy that you now regret?

The Shatter Me series. I read these books on ebook and I really wish I bought the physical copies of these books. It’s one of my favorite series. But, one that I haven’t reread because I don’t read a lot of ebooks anymore.

A book you wish you bought a different format/edition of?

Just give me the UK editions of the Mistborn series please. They are gorgeous and I want them so bad.

A genre you used to call your favorite?

Contemporary was all that I used to read in high school (well excluding Twilight). I still enjoy some good contemporary novels. However, I would not call it my favorite genre at this point in my life.



What is an opinion that has changed for you over the years? Let me know if you agree with any of my choices.


7 thoughts on “Second Thoughts Book Tag

  1. This is such a good tag, I might have to give it a go😊 I’m completely the same with Twilight! I was obsessed with around the age of 13 but I’ve grown out of it now


  2. This is an awesome tag! I have so many books I look back at and think why did I love you or even just I know I gave you 5 stars but I have no idea who your characters even are now XD


  3. Throne of Glass… I’ve only read the first book so far and loved it so much time the first time I read it. Read it again a couple of months ago as a buddy read and hated it. I’m honestly afraid to read the rest of the series because if I end up hating them too then it ends up being a complete waste of time/effort.


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