Top Ten Monday! Reading Wishlist

So this was the Top Ten Tuesday tag for last week, and since I only post on Monday’s, I figured why not do it now?! Plus, this is our blog and we are a total no-rules type club here, so take that. Anyways, check out the Broke and the Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesday tags here and pick some to do!

10. Epic fantasy. I want more epic fantasy in YA. There are a lot of options now, but I still want more.

9. Historical fiction. Ok, so apparently, I’m basing all of these answers on the YA genre since that’s my primary genre but I would love to get into historical fiction but give it to me in a bite-sized YA version.

8. Bigger series. I’m such a fan of long series (5 to 7 books) and I want to see more of that in the YA genre.

7. Sci-fi. We want more sci-fi!

6. Funny people! I read A Man Called Ove and laughed out loud more times than I can count and it definitely isn’t tagged as a humor novel. I want more laughs in regular fiction.

5. Mental illness representation. I’m real iffy about putting this one on here because it can go really badly in the wrong direction, but I would like to see more mental illnesses portrayed in every day situations. We see it primarily in contemporaries, but why not in sci-fi or fantasy????

4. Ensembles. Six of Crows just did this so well (as did Salt to the Sea) that I just love multiple view point ensembles now. I love seeing a group of people working together (or not) and seeing the outcome through different view points.

3. Truly bad, bad guys. I feel like V.E. Schwab is the queen of dark and twisty and I really want to see more of that in the villains of YA novels.

2. Girl friends. I love a good girl friendship. Truthwitch is the best example that I can think of with the sort of friendships that I want to see more often in books.

1. Diversity in everything. The last two years of reading has been the most diverse reads that I have done, ever. I want to see more diversity, it’s truly eye-opening and so interesting to me to read about how other lives are lived.

That’s it! What about you, is there something that you really have been missing from the books you have been reading lately?


8 thoughts on “Top Ten Monday! Reading Wishlist

  1. I completely agree with every one of these! I always think I would be intimidated by bigger series but the story changes with longer series than it does with trilogies and I would love to see it done more.

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  2. Definitely agree with number 6. I judge people mostly based on how funny they are, I know that’s bad, but how are you supposed to enjoy hanging out with people if they don’t have a sense of humor. The same goes for books. I also just stopped dating a guy because I thought he wasn’t funny enough.

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  3. Series are definitely on my reading wishlist too. I’d also like to find/discover [for myself] more series that aren’t in the fantasy genre (although I do enjoy fantasy).


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