Jenn’s Summer Reading Goals 2017

So, I am a 6th grade Language Arts teacher. We are nearing the end of the year and it’s time to start planning for summer break. With only 10 days left until summer break starts I figured I would make myself a list of goals.

  • Finish out my series
    • It’s about time I take the time to complete the series on my shelves. It’s not for lack of want that these books haven’t been read. Rather, it’s all because my TBR is constantly growing. Therefore, new releases often get priority. But, I want to commit myself to completing these series this summer.
  • Read at least 10 books off of my shelves
    • I need to get my TBR under control. I’ve been doing a lot better lately. However, I want to ensure that over summer I’m really actively trying to focus on books that I already own. I would like for a majority of my reading to come from books that I currently possess.
  • Read more ARCs
    • I really enjoy reading ARCs. Recently however, my reading of ARCs has fallen to the wayside because of the craziness of life right now. When I have more time to read I want to focus on ARCs to discover new books.
  • Write at least 6 reviews
    • I originally wanted to promise 8 reviews during summer. That would be 1 a week. But, I want to be realistic and allow myself some slack in case life gets in the way. I want to make sure I remain focused on producing quality reviews over summer.

These are my summer reading goals. Have you set any summer goals? Let me know what they are below!



9 thoughts on “Jenn’s Summer Reading Goals 2017

  1. Read a few of the classics I’ve been putting off, and make sure I’ve got an entirely different “currently-reading” list on Goodreads come autumn. Some of the twenty-odd books on the list at the moment have been on there for way too long πŸ™‚

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