T5W – Favorite Minor Characters

Another Wednesday, another top five.

Except this weeks top five Wednesday was extremely hard because it’s top five favorite minor characters. Immediately I had several characters come to mind, but this is the description for the topic: “Minor characters are less than a sidekick or a side character (but not in our hearts!) Everyone will have a different definition of what makes a minor vs a side character but just as an example, I’d consider Ron and Hermione side characters, while Lavender Brown, Oliver Wood, and Dean Thomas are minor characters. Results may vary so don’t get tooooo caught up in it.”

This description makes it incredibly difficult because very quickly did I realize that I’m really bad at remembering character names. I have sidekick’s that I love, but it feels impossible to remember those that weren’t really integral to everything.

So, with that, enjoy.

5. Persephone from The Raven Boys 

I think I love Persephone because she’s like the quirky lovable aunt that everyone remembers having a little too much to drink at Thanksgiving dinner. When I first met Persephone in The Raven Boys I was weary. Now, I don’t know if I would have felt the same about TRC without her in it.

4. Despina from The Wrath and the Dawn

This girl was snarky and unapologetic in a story where being snarky and unapologetic could get a character killed. I’m not going to lie, I couldn’t remember her name at first, but I never forgot how often she called Shazi on her shit.


3. Death from The Book Thief

He’s not much of a character in the book, however, I think death is the perfect character to acquaint readers with The Book Thief. He’s maybe not much of a minor character, but he is a perspective that brings life to a very sad story.

2. Helion Spell-Cleaver from A Court of Wings and Ruin

He’s harsh and hilarious. I think of all of the high lords Helion might actually be my favorite. We really only meet him in the last book of the series, and that’s not even much. From the character I know him to be, I wouldn’t be upset if he had his own series.


1. The Shoe Poet from Salt to the Sea

I know very little about the Shoe Poet, but I know he loves shoes and Claus. I applauded Ruta Sepetys on her ability to tell a story without filling in the entire narrative and I meant this for every aspect of the book, including the Shoe Poet’s story. The little I knew of the character was enough to break my heart.



20 thoughts on “T5W – Favorite Minor Characters

  1. I love seeing The Shoe Poet at first in your list!
    He was such a lovely character and his love for Claus is just… UGH MY FEELINGS
    His little pieces of wisdom about shoes and life were also on point.

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  2. I would have such a hard time coming up with this because I would probably think of “side characters”. You did a great job! I love your explanation of the Shoe Poet and I agree that Rita did a great job finding a balance with not giving the entire narrative, but making us fall in love with for them (and crying for them!). I enjoyed reading your post!

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  3. Death from the Book Theft deserves to be on this list, I couldn’t agree more!

    I’m new to blogging and book reviewing, and am very impressed by your blog. I was wondering if you had any tips for newbie bloggers and book reviewers.

    If you have the time, please check out my blog @breenysbooks. I’d love any feedback. Have a wonderful day.

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      1. He really was perfect. And I like how Zusak admitted he had trouble finding the perfect narrator (he first tried Death, than Liesel, and then Death again). And in such a bloody time as WW2, he really was amazing and provided an interesting perspective.


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