Days of the Week Book Tag

In honor of today being my Friday for work I decided to complete this tag. It’s short and fun and I really enjoyed completing it. If you have not done this tag yet definitely do it yourself. I tag all of you! Make sure to let me know if you do it!

Monday: Book you’re too lazy to read ||
So many. Seriously, I can be so lazy about reading. A lot of the time this falls to books that are on the longer side. One book in particular is The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss. I’ve had this book for a while now. But, have not yet worked up the courage to pick it up.

Tuesday: A book that was hard to finish

This would have to go to American Girls. I was not a huge fan of this book. I lost interest in it very quickly. If you’d like to see my detailed reasons for not enjoying it you can go and check out our discussion on it. It was not my cu of tea.

Wednesday: Book you haven’t finished ||
There are no books that come to mind. However, I will say that Outlander was one that took me forever to finish. I took about a year hiatus from reading it. So, up until a couple of months ago that would have been my answer.

Thursday: Book you don’t recommend ||
For this one I’m going to choose a book that I wouldn’t recommend just because of the hype already surrounding it. This one I would say Tale of Two Cities. Now, don’t get me wrong I really enjoy the book. However, I would like it if more people would read Our Mutual Friend by Dickens which is amazing.

Friday: A book you can’t wait to be released
Where do I start? Ugh, this is such a difficult question. For one I’m super excited that Our Dark Duet just came out. I’m also very eagerly anticipating Warcross by Marie Lu. It cannot come out soon enough.

Saturday: Book you wanted to re-read right away ||
Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor. We just read this for our discussion and I fell in love. The world that Laini Taylor built was immersive and intricate. It was really a mind blowing book. I would go to say that it’s my favorite book of the year. So, I foresee myself reading it again very soon.

Sunday: A book you didn’t want to end

Morning Star by Pierce Brown. Pierce Brown has stolen my heart. His series is incredible. The final book was touching and impactful. I didn’t want to part with the world or the characters at the end of  it. Luckily, we will soon have another book in series. That day needs to get here now. I must read it ASAP.


What’s a book you didn’t want to put down? Let me know in the comments!


12 thoughts on “Days of the Week Book Tag

  1. I just finished Morning Star this weekend and it was such a ride of emotions! It was the best ending to that series I could have hoped for, but I just wanted to keep reading!


  2. YES to EVERYTHING you said about Morning Star! It legit hurt my sole to read the last sentence knowing I’d have to wait a long time for another one of his books *sobs uncontrollably* haha. January 2018 cannot come soon enough! My copy of Our Dark Duet arrived 2 nights ago & I’m so excited for my buddy read for this book, hope you enjoy the read 🙂


  3. I could not agree more about Morning Star. Patrick Rothfuss is SO SO good that you will get through book one and two and then join us all in the purgatory of waiting for the third book to finally come out. And, Outlander year long breaks seem pretty standard, I think I took 18 months off. Great tag, I am going to try it!


  4. Strange the Dreamer is sitting in my TBR pile looking forlorn and tempting.And I just ordered my copy of Dark Duet…so many books, so little time!! The last book I read that I couldn’t put down was definitely When Dimple Met Rishi…adorbs ❤


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