Rapid Fire Book Tag

Good afternoon everyone!

Sorry I’m posting so late, but I’ve had a busy couple of days. And today I’m in a different city posting to you from there.

I’ve seen this post around a bit, but I pulled it from the lovely Holly at Nut Free Nerd. You guys should go check her out.

Question 1 : E-Book or Physical Book?

Physical. It’s so much more comfortable.

Question 2 : Paperback or Hardback?

Hardback, for sure. They’re just so much sturdier.

Question 3 : Online or In-Store Book Shopping?

While I love bookstores, I prefer Amazon because it’s cheaper and I get free two day shipping.

Question 4 : Trilogies or Series?

Probably series.

Question 5 : Heroes or Villains?

Villains. I love a bad guy.

Question 6 : A book you want everyone to read?

Lately, Eliza and Her Monsters. But usually Something Strange and Deadly. 

Question 7 : Recommend an underrated book?

A Madness So Discreet. 

Question 8 : The last book you finished?

Shadow and Bone. 

Question 9 :The Last Book(s) You Bought?

Er. I’m not sure it’s been a while since I bought books. I’m trying to cut down my unread books.

Question 10 : Weirdest Thing You’ve Used as a Bookmark?

My phone.

Question 11 : Used Books: Yes or No?

Nah. They just aren’t for me.

Question 12 : Top Three Favourite Genres?

Fantasy, contemporary and sci-fi.

Question 13 : Borrow or Buy?


Question 14 : Characters or Plot?

I think it depends on the book, but usually characters.

Question 15 : Long or Short Books?


Question 16 : Long or Short Chapters?

I prefer short.

Question 17 : Name The First Three Books You Think Of…

The Wrath and the Dawn, Blood for Blood and The Hate U Give. 

Question 18 : Books That Makes You Laugh or Cry?

I enjoy both BUT I do avoid crying if at all possible.

Question 19 : Our World or Fictional Worlds?

Fictional worlds. Our world is just too much.

Question 20 : Audiobooks: Yes or No?

I’m a much bigger audiobook fan now than I was 6 months ago.

Question 21 : Do You Ever Judge a Book by its Cover?

Unfortunately I do.

Question 22 : Book to Movie or Book to TV Adaptations?

Book to movie adaptions just come out better.

Question 23 : A Movie or TV-Show You Preferred to its Book?

I’m going to say Silence of the Lambs simply because I have seen the movie yet.

Question 24 : Series or Standalone’s?

I love series. Something about a long drawn out story just really appeals to me.

I’m going to tag anyone who wants to complete this tag. Enjoy!


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