Top Ten Monday | Authors I’ve Read the Most Books From

So normally I would do a wrap-up post and a TBR post for next month today since it’s the last day of the month. But I’m ashamed of how few books I’ve read in July and honestly I’m not sure August will be much better…

So instead of more disappointment, I went a different route! I love doing these Top Ten Tuesday’s on Monday’s and Eden recently did a post like this one and it was so much fun to see! So today, I’m doing a post about the most read authors that I’ve read.

In order to do this, you go to Goodreads under “My Books” and then on the left hand side under “Tools” there is a link for “Most Read Authors”.

Honestly, I’m kind of surprised by my list and can’t wait to get into it with you guys!

10. Marissa Meyer – 4 books

I loved the Lunar Chronicles (still haven’t read Winter yet so…) and Heartless was so good, too.

9. Stephanie Perkins – 4 books

I loved the Anna and the French Kiss series and I really want to re-read it and get more Perkins in my life.

8. Sylvia Day – 4 books

I went through a long phase of smut reading and Crossfire was one of my favorite series.

7. James Dashner – 4 books

I don’t know why I even continued reading after the second book. It got really repetitive really quickly… I really should just DNF when I am not enjoying a series.

6. Tahereh Mafi – 6 books

Mafi has such a beautiful writing style. I loved reading her work and can’t wait to read more.

5. J.K. Rowling – 7 books

No surprise here. Thanks to Rowling for creating my childhood and love for fantasy.

4. Lauren Oliver – 8 books

I can’t remember reading this many books by Oliver. I re-read a book of hers recently and definitely didn’t enjoy it as much as I expected to.

3. Sarah J. Maas – 8 books

I mean are we surprised here? If they counted the number of times I have re-read the books she would definitely be #1.

2. Rick Riordan – 9 books

I really want to get back into Riordan’s books I really loved them when I read them a few years ago.

1. Kiera Cass – 9 books

Ok so… I really should have stopped at the 3rd Selection book because the last two were terrible. The novellas weren’t terrible but yeah…


What authors were on your most read list?? Let me know!


16 thoughts on “Top Ten Monday | Authors I’ve Read the Most Books From

  1. I read a lot of Kiera Cass too! And pretty much all of Rick Riordan’s books. Although I was disappointed by the Magnus Chace books. And for KC I didn’t like the Heir and never read The Crown.

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  2. I have several similarities to your list, including Riordan, Dashner, Maas, Rawling and a few others. However, I completely hated Mafi’s writing and characters. After quitting after her first book, I read a few articles that said her readers are completely one way or another, meaning they either loved it or hated it. There wasn’t much of an in between.

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  3. It’s interesting. Many of the authors that turn up on my list are my some of my favorites. But in a few cases they’re just authors that I like who happen to have written a lot of books. Some of my favorite authors aren’t on there because they’ve only written a few books.

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  4. I’m surprised how similar my list would be to yours. I didn’t even know Lauren Oliver had 8 books out but I’ve read 4 by her and I wasn’t a fan of any of them

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  5. I agree with the Selection books, should have stopped earlier than I did. My author list would look similar if I had been consistent with my goodreads account the last couple of years. I really didn’t start using it till this year, so I know my author count is skewed. Nice fun post though.

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  6. You inspired me to check my GoodReads, and my highest “most read” is 27 books from a romance author I like (Addison Moore). My first YA author comes in at 14 books (Richelle Mead), and I match you for Oliver and Maas. As for the Selection, the second set of books were not as strong as the first, but I did still enjoy them. I always liked the world, and was willing to stay there a little longer.

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  7. Hey, this is a great idea! I do a Top Three on my blog on Thursdays. Do you mind if I link up since I got the idea from here?
    Some of my favourite authors are on here – Rick Riordan and J. K. Rowling, of course. I still enjoy the former’s books even though they’re MG and I’m an adult. They have a special place in my heart. I hope you do try his newer books as he does some really amazing things with his diverse cast of characters and it’s so refreshing to see that in MG. 🙂


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