Thursday Thoughts – Weird Reading Habits

We all know that everybody has different reading styles. I’ve even made a post about our individual reading styles. But, readers also have their own reading habits and preferences. Today I wanted to touch a bit on my “weird” habit.

When I pick up a book I base it either on the synopsis or by a recommendation. However, I’ve found that reading a book with the synopsis or review/recommendation in mind I am often disappointed. I go into the book with preconceived notions that aren’t always going to be fulfilled in the text.

This has led to my “weird’ reading habit. I don’t read anything about the book (synopsis, review, reactions, etc.) right before I start a book. This means that I have to wait long enough before starting the book that I forget the synopsis or what I was told about the book. I know it sounds crazy. But, since implementing this new habit into my reading style I have found myself to enjoy books a lot more.

I think that going into a book without thinking about what it’s supposed to be about leaves me much more open minded. It leaves me with a blank slate, so that I can enjoy the book for the book that it is rather than the book that I thought it would be.

Don’t get me wrong I love reading reviews and recommendations for books. They are the backbone of this community and they’re how I’ve found some of my favorite books. But, I aim to wait long enough so that I don’t remember the specifics of what a reviewer liked or disliked about a book. This enables me to build my own interpretation and review of the book that is not influenced by anyone else. Also, I think it’s fun to go back and look at reviews again after reading a book and comparing my thoughts. It’s one of my favorite things to do.

So, there you have it. That’s my weird reading habit. Do you have any weird reading habits? If so let me know what they are!


12 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – Weird Reading Habits

  1. I think I’m the complete opposite to you 😀 I find I have to read the blurb/synopsis before I start the book otherwise I find myself too lost at the start of the book to really enjoy it. I like to know the main character’s name especially, it makes me connect with them that much quicker!


  2. Well, if you take out the books that were recommended by a close book nerd friend (not just any friend lol) and take out the next book in a series that I am following, I hate to say this out loud, than I usually judge a book by it’s cover! I am a very visual person and in an effort to curb my book buying habits…yeah I judge the book by it’s cover.


  3. I’m the same, and I’ve had the same experience. In fact, as long as I know the genre, I’ll often select a book on the cover alone…no expectations whatsoever. If I don’t like it, I don’t finish it. More often than not, I finish the books I start. It’s only when I have built up a lot of excitement for something that I tend to get disappointed. Great post!


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