First Impressions Friday

Today, I wanted to talk a little about my TBR.

Or more specifically my first impressions on three of the books on my TBR. Jenn suggested that I take a closer look and read the first chapter of three contemporaries on my TBR and give my thoughts on whether I would read the book later.

I suspect that this is something that’s been done before, but I haven’t found anything on it so I’m not actually sure. Regardless, I hope you guys enjoy.

Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella

First Impressions:

  • The writing style: The writing style to Finding Audrey interesting. It’s heavy dialogue and is reminiscent of a scene in a Monty Python skit or a Douglas Adams novel. I really enjoyed being thrown into the story and the banter that surrounded the scene.
  • Characters: Already, I know I like the mother, Anne, in this book. She reminds me of my own mother from the very beginning so I can only imagine how much crazier it gets.
  • Predictions: The only prediction I can actually make is that Audrey may find herself?
  • Will I finish? Yes, definitely. I’m really interested in the story and seeing where it goes from where the first chapter left off. It looks like a pretty quick read as well so I may save it as a book hangover read.

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

First Impressions:

  • The writing style: The writing style reminds me of a Tumblr user that’s ranting about the things they love and hate. It reads really well for our main character and kind of adds to her personality right from the beginning.
  • Characters: I didn’t get a lot from the characters other than, Anna seems like she could be a bit annoying and her dad is a massive asshole.
  • Predictions: I predict that Anna finds herself in Paris and decides to stay there after high school.
  • Will I finish? Yes, but not anytime soon. It’s good, but not good enough to pull me in right now.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

First Impressions:

  • The writing style: It’s a typical Rainbow Rowell story. It sounds bad when I say that, but what I mean is that the writing just flows. Somehow she manages to tell these effortless stories and develop a story within just two pages.
  • Characters: I’m really interested in Cath and her sister and their father. I was interested in what Cath referred to as, “normal dad hours” when talking about her father and his seemingly fragile mental health.
  • Predictions: Sisters fight. Dad struggles to let his girls be more independent.
  • Will I finish? Definitely. It may be my next read, honestly.



One thought on “First Impressions Friday

  1. I agree with what you have to say about Rainbow Rowell, stories just seem to flow naturally. Such talent! I enjoyed Fangirl too! I hope you do as well! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


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