The Asylum Book Tag

Good morning!

I’m in the midst of reading about four books right now, so you can be certain that I’ll have some reviews over the next couple of weeks. Until then though I have a couple of interesting (or at least I think they’re interesting) posts to come.

For today though, it’s a tag.

I really, really wanted to participate in a top five Wednesday today, but I honestly haven’t read five witch books ever so I figured I would go with this Asylum tag, which, excitingly enough, still deals with Halloween! I found this tag through JesseJane306.

1. A book couple that drove you nuts?

Ya’ll are going to come at me with pitchforks for saying this, but Jace and Clary. I just could not stand those two. Also, the first two books had some gross stuff happen with them.

2. You’re going off the rails fast: name a book series that will pull you out of the dark place?

Weirdly enough, A Study in Charlotte. It’s a little dark, but it’s just so good.

3. Name a book that messed with your head and left you shaking?

Probably The Silence of the Lambs. I was so intrigued but the concept was so crazy and the story was told so well.

4. You are going into solitary confinement for one year and you can only bring one book series. What would it be?

Ugh. I’m breaking my own rule, but Harry Potter. IT’S A YEAR, I NEED A SERIES I KNOW I WON’T GET TIRED OF.

5. BREAK OUT! Name one character that would help you escape the asylum?

Grace Mae from A Madness So Discreet. She did it before, I’m sure she’d help me out and get me out of there. Especially if she thought I was wronged.

6.You are stuck in an asylum: name one character you would chose as a cellmate?

The Shoe Poet from Salt to the Sea because I think he would be really good at making me feel better about the situation. Plus he’s just the sweetest.

7. Name a character that you would be terrified to be locked up with?

Rosa from My Sister Rosa. She’d get bored and start torturing me, both mentally and physically.


5 thoughts on “The Asylum Book Tag

  1. How did you not choose Bella Swan and Sparkle Face?! Those two were certainly the most mind boggling, head scratching couple of all time.


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