Halloween Book Tag

Halloween is quickly approaching and with it, so many things to do! YALLFest is coming up THIS Friday and we are so excited!

I decided to go ahead and do another book tag, but a Halloween themed book tag today. I found this tag on Jess’s blog, Reads and Dreams, check out her post here.

1. Carving Pumpkins: What Book Would You Carve Up and Light On Fire?

That seems so harsh… Umm… probably American Girls by Alison Umminger. I just was expecting more Manson murders and not so much spoiled girl.

2. Trick or Treat: What Character Is A Trick and What Character Is A Treat?

My trick is Nemesis from The Diabolic, but only because she tricked me. I was expecting something totally different than what I got.

My treat is Lazo from Strange the Dreamer. He was a top-notch character.

3. Candy Corn: What Book Is Always Sweet?

Most definitely To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han.

4. Ghosts: What Character Would You Love To Visit You As A Ghost?

I would have to chose Nehemia from Throne of Glass because I got questions, girl.

5. Costumes: What Character Would You Like To Be For A Day?

Hmm… Mustang from Red Rising, I feel like that would be an awesome day.

6. Wizards and Witches: What Is Your Favourite Harry Potter Moment?

[Spoiler alert] So many… but probably when Harry finally finds out that Sirius is his Godfather.

7. Blood and Gore: What Book Was So Creepy That You Had To Take A Break From It?

I don’t really get creeped out easily, so I wouldn’t say that there is a book like that. I think the closest would have been when I read The Night Stalker by Philip Carlo about the serial killer Richard Ramirez. I love true crime, so any suggestions would be appreciated!

Feel free to grab this tag if you want to and get ready for Halloween to come and go tomorrow. Happy All Hallow’s Eve Eve everyone!


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