NaNoWriMo – Eden’s Update

I may have messed up.

So, I decided it would be a good idea to participate in NaNoWriMo this year. I did it a few years ago and epically failed. For some reason I thought it would be a great challenge to overcome.

Jenn thought it would be a good idea to join me.

So far, it has been a very slow sinking ship.

I’ve written a good amount, but my brain is feeling very tired. I’ve also started having incredibly weird dreams from it.

But here’s the absolutely amazing news, while the ship is slowly sinking, it’s also start to pick up some steam.

I’ve completed a lot of writing in the last week. I’m a little behind on my goal having only completed about 11,000 words, but I’m working really hard to get ahead before I go into the weekend at YALLFest.

So, here’s the break down of my last couple of days.

Day 1 (11/1/2017):

  • As first days go, this one wasn’t exactly productive. It did, however, get me jazzed about writing more.

Total word count: 633 

Day 2 (11/2/2017):

  • This was a rough day. I was tired from a really bad day at work and just really wasn’t in the right state of mind to write a ton. I think I was lucky to really get what I ended up with.

Total word count: 800 


*I missed the third and fourth of November, so we’re just going to skip those*

Day 5 (11/5/2017):

  • Quite a discrepancy, eh? Yeah, I sat down and started hammering out my story and I found that I was on a roll. I did join in on a write in for a couple of sprints, which really helped me.

Total word count: 4,918

Day 6 (11/6/2017):

  • Another really productive day. I’m basically playing catchup at this point. I want to be at 20,000 words by Sunday, so I’m really pushing hard. Also, my lack of outline up to this point has been ok. Now I’m actually have to create my timetables and maps and oh my God what I have I gotten myself into?

Total word count: 8,239

Day 7 (11/7/2017):

Kill me. We’re only seven days into this challenge and I feel like I squeezing every ounce of creativity from my brain right now. Between teaching and writing, I’m feeling very, very dead.

Total word count: 10,980

Are you doing NaNoWriMo? How are you doing? Do you think you would ever do something like this?

4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo – Eden’s Update

  1. I’m doing it and I am dead. Just hit 5,000. Last year I did it, taking only twelve units at my college and I struggled but survived. Now I’m taking 25 units, a pottery class, my blog, and I’m running a literary journal. lol. Glad to see how much progress you’ve made.


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