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Today is the start of YALLFest and because I’ve had such a busy day I haven’t had time to get a post put together. HOWEVER, I already have tomorrows post thats ready to go giving you guys a look at the start of YALLFest tonight (spoiler: it’s awesome so far).

Jenn did this tag yesterday and I really liked it. So you guys get to see it again.

How many books do you usually read at once?

More than one because I have no real attention span.

If you’re reading more than one book at a time, how do you decide when to switch books?

It kind of depends on how I’m feeling and how into the book I am. Most of the time I’ll switch once I’m bored but recently I’ve just been reading right through them.

Do you ever switch bookmarks while you’re partway through a book?

Nah. I tend to stick to a single bookmark.

Where do you keep the book(s) you’re currently reading?

EVERYWHERE. They end up on tables, couches, kitchen counters and anywhere else I’m walking around with it.

What time of day do you spend the most time reading?

The afternoon, simply because I work in the day time.

How long do you typically read in one sitting?

About two to three hours a day.

Do you read hardbacks with the dust jacket on or off?

Off. I’m always worried about messing up my dust jackets.

What position do you mainly use to read?

I’m usually sitting up simply because I’m more likely to fall asleep if I’m laying down.

Do you take the book you’re currently reading with you everywhere you go?

Sometimes. It usually depends on where I’m going and what I’m doing. If I think I’m going to have some down time I’ll take my book with me just in case.

How often do you update your Goodreads progress on the book you’re currently reading?

At this point never, tbh. I’m reading so sporadically and my Goodreads goal has started stressing me out so I just avoid Goodreads all together now.

OK! So, get ready for some awesome posts tomorrow and Sunday. We’re really excited for the panels and opportunities to meet some awesome Authors. Let us know if you’re here! We’d love to meet up with you.


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