NaNoWriMo – Jenn’s Log Week 2

Remember how I was so hopeful last week? I was off to a rough start because of starting late. But, I still had faith. Well, that hope is slowly starting to wane. Week 2 was a rough one. Between work and preparing for YALLFest the week was just kind of a wash for me. But, I’m holding myself accountable so here is my log.

Day 6 (11/06/17):

  • Monday was actually an awesome reading day for me. Eden and I were adament about working to get ahead on our word counts for YALLFest. Word sprints helped us a lot on Monday.
  • Total Word Count: 9,668

Day 7 (11/07/17):

  • Tuesday was not quite as good as Monday. We still beat the daily goal for NaNoWriMo, but it was a bit disappointing. The momentum I had to try to get ahead was a bit lost.
  • Total Word Count: 12,291

Day 8 (11/08/17):

  • Wednesday was a complete loss for me word count wise. Instead I spent the night really plotting out scenes. Therefore, I didn’t add to my words.
  • Total Word Count: 12,291

Day 9 (11/09/17) – Day 11 (11/11/17):

  • If you guys didn’t know, (How could you not? We’ve only been talking about it for weeks.) but YALLFest was this past weekend. Between traveling from Florida to South Carolina and attending the event I had no real time to write. Yep, I didn’t write a single word over the weekend. But we did do posts on YALLFest. You can check them out here and here.
  • Total Word Count: 12,291


Day 12 (11/12/17)

  • Despite being totally exhausted on Sunday I did manage to get some writing in. Eden and I did get a couple of writing sprints in. This did not really get me back on track. But, I’m hoping I will be able to do that throughout this week. Wish me luck!
  • Total Word Count: 15,077


How’s your NaNo going? Are you a fan of word sprints? If so follow our twitter (@ThriceRead) to join us for some!


4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo – Jenn’s Log Week 2

  1. You are doing really well! I have failed already. I have written 1100 words and that was on day 1. Commitments come during NaNoWriMo and they definitely mean days where you don’t get words down on the page, but you did some serious writing this week and you should definitely be proud of yourself!


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