NaNoWriMo – Eden’s Log Week 2

It’s been a hell of a week since my last update. Enjoy.

Day 8 – Day 11 (11/8/2017 – 11/11/2017):

I was at YALLFest for these three days and was just so busy I didn’t have a chance to write. It’s probably necessary for me to also mention that I was really mentally exhausted by Thursday of last week and my brain kind of just shut down halfway through the week.

Total word count: 10,980

Day 12 (11/12/2017):

This was a really productive day for me. It was the day I got back from YALLFest and I was just ready to jump back in and get some words down. This has easily been my best day in more than a week at this point.

Total word count: 13,672

Day 13 (11/13/2017:

Not as productive as the previous day, but I’m hitting almost a thousand words more than the daily goal. I am tired. It seems the weekend of running around Charleston is finally catching up with me.

Total word count: 15,437

Day 14 (11/14/2017:

Today was like one big dumpster fire. I got home from work and began making dinner, only to find that the dishes were all dirty. It wasn’t a big deal, I worked with it. But I ended up in burning agony after because I chopped jalapenos, washed my hands and then touched my face. I spent about 45 minutes whining over my burning mouth and nose.

After that I spent an hour washing poop out of my dogs fur because I didn’t have things to do.

By the time I was finished with everything I just wanted a shower and to go to sleep.

No words that day.

Total word count: 15,437

I’ll update you guys again next week. Until then, wish me luck because right now it may take a miracle to get me on pace.


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