NaNoWriMo – Eden’s Week 3 Log

You guys are going to be so disappointed in this weeks log, so I apologize in advance. Just, while you’re reading, recognize that I’ve made some good progress this week.


Day 15 – Day 19 (11/15/2017 – 11/19/2017):

I crashed for about four days and the fallout was brutal. It was pretty much me sleeping for four days while NaNoWriMo just passed my by.

Total word count: 15,437

Day 20 (11/20/2017):

I’m behind by about 17,000 words right now. This means that I have to buckle down and start getting out some serious numbers. Which is why today, I managed to write 3,572 words. My original goal for the day was 5,000, but I’m definitely happy with 3,500.

Total word count: 19,009

Day 21 (11/21/2017:

I’m still working really hard to get as many words down as possible. Today was more productive than the day before, which is a feat in and of itself. I’m slowly seeing my deficit decline, however, I’m not confident that I’ll be able to close the gap by Dec. 1.

Total word count: 22,744

Day 22 (11/22/2017:


It’s the day before Thanksgiving. Luckily I’m only having to bake a pie of two so I won’t need to worry about my day being too busy. The unlucky side, though, is that I’ll have to get enough done that I won’t fall too far behind tomorrow if I don’t get an opportunity to write.

Total word count: N/A

I’ll update you guys again next week. Leave me some encouragement because I’m really feeling the ache in my brain from all of this writing.


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